DR NAOMI WOLF and Mark Steyn under censorship attack by UK MEDIA REGULATOR OFCOM; Wolf correctly presented harms to women & babies that are tabulated in Pfizer’s own internal documents, yet OFCOM

by Paul Alexander

The programme included an interview between presenter, Mark Steyn, and a guest, Dr Naomi Wolf. During the interview, Naomi Wolf made serious safety claims about the Covid-19 vaccine

Dr. Wolf is pushing back coming out swinging and I felt I should share her response to the censorship and attacks as well as her well informative substack blog on this move by OFCOM:

“As a journalist, I am appalled that Ofcom censured me for primary source evidence directly from Pfizer’s own internal documents released under court order, presented in reports compiled by 3500 medical and scientific experts, including oncologists, radiologists, medical fraud investigators, RNs, biological scientists, and a range of other physicians and clinicians. 


When it came to unborn babies, the deaths in Pfizer’s own documents include scores of fetuses, some of which Pfizer identified as suffering from ‘transplacental’ exposure to the vaccine. 

A baby died after drinking its vaccinated mother’s breast milk; vaccinated mothers’ breast milk was found by Pfizer in its own review to be contaminated and injurious to babies. 

Given that Pfizer knew by Feb 2021 the many ways in which its mrna vaccine was killing adults, babies and fetuses, with adverse events ranging from 3 to 1 to 8 to 1 ratios affecting women, and yet did not inform the public, but rather launched intensive campaigns to urge people, including pregnant women, to take this dangerous product, of course it is a mass murder event.

I speak as the granddaughter of a woman who lost nine siblings to the Holocaust.

We have an obligation to speak out against murder in our own communities.

Pfizer is under investigation by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for deceptive practices and for possibly falsifying data. Both of these crimes are abundantly documented in the 500 pages of reports from the Pfizer documents compiled by our experts.

Ofcom should not penalize reporters or news platforms for presenting the truth, especially if that truth is of grave public significance. If Ofcom continues to censor primary source evidence of harms to women and babies from mrna injections, it too has blood on its hands and is an accessory to mass murder.

Of course I will consult my attorney to take action against this damaging censorship and this baseless reputational attack, which is the second one from a national government (the first was from our own White House and CDC) in relation to this important story.

Mark Steyn is a hero for not backing down in bringing facts about harms to pregnancy, fertility, breastfeeding and babies, to women and men in Britain and the rest of the world. These are facts that the UK Government, linked to Ofcom itself, sought and seeks to this day, to keep hidden.

The exposure of danger to the public which Ofcom todays assails, is exactly what real journalism is supposed to do. I will continue to speak out with lifesaving information to help protect women and babies."

Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf
Here is UK Media regulator Ofcom’s Orwellian announcement today, censuring Mark Steyn, GBNews and me, after its seven months’ long investigation into my comments on Mark Steyn’s show, in which I correctly presented harms to women and babies that are tabulated in Pfizer’s own internal documents. Ofcom’s conclusion is not that I was wrong — I was right — …
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