Dr. Naomi Wolf apologizes to Conservatives, Republicans, MAGA: "Dear Conservatives, I Apologize My "Team" was Taken in By Full-Spectrum Propaganda; huge praise & I accept, it is never too late to

by Paul Alexander

apologize & IMO, mine, it is not too little or too late, Wolf is brave again as she fights for our babies against the mRNA technology gene shots, against the grain; DJT was pilloried wrongfully, MAGA


“I owe you a full-throated apology.

I believed a farrago of lies. And, as a result of these lies, and my credulity — and the credulity of people similarly situated to me - many conservatives’ reputations are being tarnished, on false bases.”

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My respect and appreciation for her work has grown even more. For the risk she is taking here. I have grown to appreciate Dr. Wolf’s fearlessness now. It is needed in this time and she is a remarkable warrior as we battle devils around us. Dr. Wolf agreed to interview Drs. Risch, McCullough, Tenenbaum, and myself early in the response and was very brave then and we appreciated her professionalism and depth.

My take:

This is Dr. Wolf’s apology but I want to tee it up with some background IMO.

DJT (POTUS Trump) was savaged by the filthy fecal putrid bottom-dweller legacy media, radical democrats, deepstate, and RINOs for too long and it is refreshing to read this and some may reject, many may embrace, but I accept.

IMO no apology was needed for Wolf’s work as a soldier in the trenches daily with her principles in full display and team fighting the stench of the fraud COVID pandemic used to hollow out and topple a sitting POTUS, is laudable. All the way to the fraud mRNA technology gene injections. She stands apart as many still hide behind keyboards pulling flint from between their toes telling us ‘oh, we admire all you do but we are not as brave as you to put our faces and jobs on the line”. I say BS, it is time you found that courage and join us, like Dr. Wolf, as we need help. This battle we face, confronting the enemy within America who just showed you the lengths they would go to so that they can unseat a sitting POTUS.

POTUS Trump was on pace January 2020 save the fraud pandemic, to go down as one of the greatest Presidents save Abe and George. Unstoppable. Based on what he was delivering. With all the deviant steps taken against him by people like Paul ‘eunuch’ Ryan, the democrats and the RINOs. I thought even Rushmore bound, if the subsequent 4 materialized all Trump had teed up and had planned. And I think can be again. I am all for rewarding transformational beneficial actions. If any POTUS, regardless of political party comes along (knowing we really have a UNIparty) and does the great things that transforms the US for the better and is revolutionary, then I am for their face on Rushmore. And more.

The fraud manufactured pandemic hurt Trump because he was devastatingly deceived by his senior scientific counsel he trusted, from the para ‘give us 2 weeks Mr. POTUS to bend the curve (knowing we have plans unknown to you Mr. POTUS that we will never re-open society and schools) to the ‘do not worry Mr. POTUS, we assure you the vaccines are and will be safe and effective, we will ensure that, all we need from you is for you to approve OWS, though you do not know we will be bypassing every safety test)”. From all I know and saw. The malfeasants hollowed out his pandemic response by implementing ‘theirs’, unknown to him as to the deep dark intent. They were successful. Evil criminals! A jail does not do the justice. IMO. I want us to always work with the courts and judges to write these and any wrongs, and I am hoping they can operate impartially to ensure proper justice comes about for all the COVID wrongs that costed lives.


It is clear now, and has been for 2 years now, that an election was stolen, whether by votes or via a fraud pandemic and deliberate manufactured chaos by the CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID and health officials. For a virus that was never ever of the lethality to close society down, for a deadly unsafe gene injection vaccine out of the box that never ever worked to justify it’s use. Had we done nothing, NOTHING, save isolate ill symptomatic persons ONLY, and use proper hand washing hygiene etc. Nothing. We would have not killed the tens of thousands we have with this fraud lockdown lunatic response and gene injection.

Had we done NOTHING, more lives would have been saved! That is the irony of what was done. There was never ever a pandemic. None. This ILI could have been dealt with otherwise and I even argue (more to come) that this virus was circulating for years before. Benign. We created a pandemic that NEVER was. For a devious reason, to help remove a POTUS.

Even if that fraud COVID mRNA technology gene shot was shown to be safe and effective which it has never been shown to be (research and anecdotal evidence), it is NOT needed. Never needed. Most have no problem being exposed to and handling COVID. NOT needed.

I am really grateful for Dr. Wolf for writing this and it contains many tremendous nuggets written in a very intelligent manner, articulate, and an easy read. I am not demanding you accept. No. I am only sharing what I think is a tremendous piece of writing and a heartfelt apology. You can sit back and reflect and make your own decisions for we are a free people (well, to the extent that the government and business allows us to be in their drive to a fascist nation).

The nation was misled to remove a POTUS and damage his elections and then lied to post the elections. In massive ways and IMO, to misdirect and cover up the fraud and damaging actions they took to topple him. Pure lies, boldfaced damaging lies and the media played their role and the left and haters in perpetrating. Dr. Wolf shows the humility, truthfulness, temerity, integrity, authenticity, the moral compass, the type of class, balance, and in many ways leadership here, that is absent in today’s society.

I am inspired by this scholarship, for you Dr. Wolf, was greatly misled as you explained and you have come to the realization how wrong and fraught with untruths and blatant lies they were, and you are saying so clearly. You show strength. I am hoping others can follow your tremendous lead.

It takes courage and gonads to say I am sorry and Dr. Wolf has done it. Again, to me, was not needed for I have seen what Wolf is doing to help save the US (it’s children) from the fraud of the pandemic, yet I know that she understands the lies and the falsehoods and what they can do to the nation and have done. The media and RINOs and elites and left and the lies and progressives are tearing the nation apart. They have so much TDR they cannot see clearly anymore. Deranged.

Even though Trump is out of the WH over 2 years now, he lives in their head. In some way it is remarkable to watch but at some point they must stop. They remain beside themselves while someone like me know one thing, there is no one most suited at this time, at this time, to lead the US, than Trump. The type of actions needed now can only come from Trump for he will see to his vengeance and retribution for the wrongs done to him, his family, and this nation that he loves. He loves America. He must take Washington down to the very studs and fumigate it, fire most, and find space in prison cells for many.

That is one of the reasons why I support him and some have written to me ‘how dare you openly support Trump, you tarnish us being associated with us’ I respond, ‘it is because I have real stones, you do not, so up yours! Like you, I have my freedom and I can think clearly and I am not blinded by hate. I am thinking logically. What is best for America, not ‘who do I align myself with to get a plum job and fame and write books and go on shows after’. Decisions now are for America, to help save her, not your pocket book.’ That is what I tell them. Needless to say we do not remain friends ;-). Their loss. They even try to silence and cancel me. Can’t.

Thank you Dr. Wolf, thank you and your team for what they are doing! I cannot say it enough. I know what you are giving up and the risks to your career, name, safety even. I know, I lived it. I applaud you.

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