Dr. Naomi Wolf: CDC says 25 mg Pfizer vaccine for kids under 12 years & 100 mg Moderna? Dr. Wolf is onto something here, thus how could adults usually get 30 mg Pfizer & 100 mg Moderna & CDC says

by Paul Alexander

that kids are fine to get such a high dose? IMO, and as Wolf rightly points out (and thanks for this scholarship), this is a potential danger & did CDC with many errors, make a serious dose one here?

Something does not make sense here.



This vaccine is under no condition needed in healthy children who have near zero risk (0.0003% in 0-19 year olds) for serious outcome or death and almost zero when you look ONLY at 0-10 year olds. No reason, no clinical data to support this but Wolf raises a very disturbing point here we must pay attention to.

See earlier substack I wrote on the Anderson et al. NEJM paper on the Moderna vaccine in children. Look at table S11 as an example and the impact of 25 mg Moderna on kids (<28 days post vaccination).

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Anderson et al: Moderna's childhood mRNA study ADVERSE effect: "Evaluation of mRNA-1273 Vaccine in Children 6 Months to 5 Years of Age"; look at the study & supplementary appendix, UNSOLICITED adverse
Look at the unsolicited adverse effects and the ones of special interest for the Moderna vaccine in these little kids. Focus not on the placebo arm, but the vaccine arm. You may say small numbers but they are shocking. Near 50% of the babies in 6-23 months age group (Table S11) needed medical attention post Moderna vaccine? 4th row extreme right hand co…
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