Dr. Naomi Wolf on War Room – FDA Failed to Mention Heart Damage to Teens When Approving Pfizer Vaccine; Daniel Horowitz: what did Pfizer know & when? 3 important findings from recent document release

by Paul Alexander

You cannot get better than Wolf and Horowitz updates

1) Dr. Naomi Wolf

2)Daniel Horowitz

1) Pfizer needed massive staff to process adverse event reports

2) Rate of myocarditis

“When it became apparent to the public earlier in 2021 that myocarditis was a known side effect of the shots, the government and the media immediately claimed the incidence rate was exceedingly low. Numerous “studies” tried to downplay the risks. One paper from Kaiser Permanente in JAMA suggested the rate was just 6.6 per million. Another JAMA study from last June found a 1 in 50,000 rate among the military (which we now know was woefully underreported). Well, thanks to ICAN’s FOIA, we now have the Pfizer informed consent document (p. 5) that shows the company recognized the risk can be as high as 1 in 1,000.”

3) Pfizer knew about natural immunity