Dr. Naomi Wolf targeted by the White House, I am working to find out by whom, how they moved to slander & damage her for telling women truth about COVID vaccine harms to fertility, menstrual health

by Paul Alexander

Shame on Biden's White House nutball freak bureaucrats, shame on them, shame on if it were Trump's, why would you seek to damage someone like Wolf, others, myself etc. who are just trying to help?

Lock them all to hell up, I say. Investigate all and imprison them who caused deaths due to their reckless dangerous policies, jail them all, all in Trump and Biden administration. Spare none!

The White House owes Dr. Wolf and any others an apology for the reputational attacks and slander and slaughter.

Over to you Jean-Pierre to issue an apology to Dr. Wolf on behalf of the corrupted administration who are engaging in these sordid tactics.

Dr. Wolf:

England has Began to Deny 11 Year Olds and Under Covid Vaccine due to Safety Concerns