Dr. Naomi Wolf: There is a race now to finger each other as the dam is about to burst; "The Biomedical State Is Shifting The Blame Of Their Vaccine Effect Culpability Before The Investigations Begin"

by Paul Alexander

But people like me will not let them, I will work with all those willing to ensure each and every one of these beasts, these malfeasants from Fauci, Francis Collins, Azar, Walensky, Bourla see a court

Huge praise Dr. Wolf for a tremendous short video for you say it how we want it said!

We want serious and proper investigations and legal hearings, tribunals and if these people who made from the COVID lock down policies from bringing the COVID fraud gene injection vaccine, from mRNA to LNP to the injection itself, all, we want investigated and if shown they were above board we hug and celebrate their efforts, in spite of the deaths, yet if it is shown that they costed lives, we impose harsh financial penalties and we seek deep imprisonment of all of them, we lock them all up for they are criminals.


They were and I include medical doctors who really caused this by failing to as a group, stand against the governments etc. and they helped force the lockdowns and denial of early treatment and the fraud injections etc. Doctors were incentivized and we need full investigations for they must also be imprisoned if it is shown they played a role in deaths, including the sedation (midazolam and diamorphine and toxic drugs) and drugging and ventilation of our families, our parents, our grand-parents via the ‘COVID protocol’ that killed them in the hospitals. Everything must be investigated and there must be NO amnesty for the COVIDian Taliban.