Dr. NAOMI WOLF VIDEO (Jamie Glazov): "DON’T THINK REGIME CHANGE IS A PANACEA"; she is 100% correct & I am a libertarian or independent, not republican or democrat, yes, BUSH did horrible things

by Paul Alexander

Wolf is correct, we as a nation or other nations are subject to the left & right but are really lobby groups with own sick dark interests; Trump had house & senate, what did we get? We got Paul Ryan

If Republicans win, will Pfizer and Moderna now contribute big MONEY to the republicans, and would Jim Jordan and Johnson and Scalise et al. still get accountability for the fraud and deaths due to the lockdowns and vaccines? Will we get accountability from Fauci and Francis Collins and Bourla and Bancel?

She is correct, we want the American people to win, not the sordid sick twisted corrupted lobby and special interests and big pharma.