Dr. Nisha Verma, please answer the question; Dr. Kumar, how could a biological man become pregnant and give birth? What's that bull crap, if a man has uterus he can give birth? Is this doctor INSANE?

by Paul Alexander

Where did Dr. Bhavik Kumar come from? This guy is IMO scary. That he has a medical license yet you strip license from Dr. Peter McCullough who defends and protects the sanctity of human life?

First, women should take notes on his eyebrows and his capacity, I like them. He shows talent in that ONLY. He supports Margaret Sanger’s planned parenthood? Whose policies of abortion and planned parenthood devastated black communities for decades? What?

These 2 doctors are flaming idiots, pure morons, stupid idiots and I don’t know how they got a medical license.

You got to take up serious drinking to deal with this type if bull sh*t wokery!

“Someone with a uterus may have the capability of becoming pregnant, whether they are a woman or a man”…my God, this idiot is a doctor? This guy is beyond idiotic. I am so ashamed of these people.