Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. William Makis, Bob Blayone (Alberta Independence party) and the giant himself, Pastor Artur Pawlowski (feeds thousands daily on the streets in Alberta); see photos recent talks

by Paul Alexander

Word on inside is Premier Danielle Smith is working to help Pastor Pawlowski who was targeted and imprisoned and dehumanized and abused in the cells, his stories will horrify you!

I have to say, Albertans surprised me, emerged as among the greatest Canadians, the love, kindness, community, compassion, just sweet people.

Join us on 18th April, we will tear up the country club, excited to see my brother Byram, Brian Ardis, one of the greatest, Bonnie, all of them. Blessed I am.

On the extreme left is Roger Hodkinson my partner in crime!

I am second from left of these giants, this was outside a hall where I went to speak to the crowds with Makis and Hodkinson and these beautiful people!