Dr. Paul Alexander speaks with Mike Landis, co-founder The People's Trucker Convoy, staged in Maryland; underpinned by need for urgent discussion on dropping unsound mandates/emergency declarations

by Paul Alexander

The truckers are seeking discussion with govn over the mandates and the impact on their lives; remember, it was the trucker who kept the supply chains open for 2 yrs while others remote worked

If this does not remain peaceful, civil, then it must end. The public will support if this remains so. My help scientifically will only be there if it is peaceful and constructive. I have made this known. Same with Kory. Thus far, these US truckers have been peaceful and the leadership exemplary and it is wondrous how they are so very helpful and keen on a civil discussion and education.

Interview with co-leader Mike Landis

Let me also share some thoughts. We failed day one for we should have prioritized the COVID response and even vaccines, especially vaccines based on risk, based on age and risk. Vaccine mandates and passports are unscientific. They have no basis.

Now with the mildest variant, equal to and less than flu or common cold, in terms of symptoms, severity etc., why would you then impose vaccine mandates when the omicron is so very mild and the vaccine has failed as it does not stop transmission. This is well known, it does not sterilize the virus, the vaccine does not stop transmission to other people. So from a societal benefit, there is no benefit.

Same for children, they must never be vaccinated given their low risk and the fact that the vaccine does not work and also skews towards harms. We will be doing an overall harm, as there is no benefit and we already know there is myocarditis in boys and girls, young men and women and we have research to show an increased risk when given the second dose. There is even risk for girls and even other adverse reactions we do not know of yet as this may be taking time and could be catastrophic in some years to come. IMO it is unethical to mandate vaccines for children.

The vaccine studies in children show no benefit. They told us nothing about if the vaccines protect children against hospitalization and death, which is patient important. So we must give choice whether or not to be vaccinated and this is a must and these failed vaccines must not mandated. I refer to our healthy children.

Let me repeat, if it does not stop transmission then why is it mandated? This makes no sense and is not supported by any science. We who have stood up to go against the corrupted mainstream narrative, say the risk benefit ratio for children (and even healthy adults) do not justify vaccination. And today we cannot justify these vaccines in any manner. We should have age-risk stratified these vaccines in terms of roll-out and I still say these vaccines were never needed.

So it makes sense that urgent discussions be engaged very peacefully and embracing so that sound healthy resolutions can be arrived at; the point is that the trucker and millions of people cannot earn a living and have been penalized by mandates that have no basis.

I end by asking, why has the CDC with held data? Why is the CDC’s MMWR regarded as a junk non-science publication? Why is the CDC operating as a political tool or arm, weaponizing public health pending on the govn in charge?