Dr. Paul Alexander to Dr. Robert Malone: I do not know the answers & wanted to know if you can inform the public on these 5 questions: i)have you received money $ from any patents linked to any aspect

by Paul Alexander

of mRNA technology ii)did you know content of the gene injection leaves injection site iii)is reverse transcribed? iv)are you developing (linked to in any manner) your own spike recovery formula?

It is imperative that you tell the public what you knew about mRNA etc. being reversed transcribed as it is, that it must have left the injection site (the LNP, mRNA, spike protein, the vaccine content etc. as it was designed to do this and so when did you know this) and also, you said that you do not support any supplement para and so, can you let us know given your attack or statements (however it is viewed or ‘lack of support) (via involving an EPOCH interview) on TWC’s spike support formula if you yourself are in the midst of developing your own spike support formula (maybe with NATTOKINASE too), whether directly or indirectly involved.

I think it is critical that the public hear from you, whether you benefit financially (have or will) from any aspect of mRNA technology (as to patents, in the past, now, direct, indirect, other people or researchers working with it but you benefit, money today, tomorrow, the future, monies in ANY manner, or not only money $ but stocks or any form of incentivization) in the Moderna and Pfizer gene injections (or any mRNA technology based injection) for that would put a very different spin on the issue. That actually would be devastating if so. Can you clarify please. Do you have patents of any kind regarding any aspect of the mRNA technology in those COVID gene vaccines, in ANY manner? Direct or indirect. In plain language, do you benefit now, have you benefitted, will you benefit in the future, financially, money wise or any form of incentive or payment, in any manner from the COVID gene injection vaccines due to any patents you have linked to it, shared or individual patent? In any manner. In any manner for any work. Do you get money or any form of payment based on the sale of the vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, or any such COVID or related vaccine by any other manufacturer, linked to the fraud COVID pandemic)?

One more question, can you tell us if you are the inventor of the core mRNA technology that has gone into the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA technology COVID gene injection? I do not mean the final vaccine that is injected, I mean the mRNA technology (mRNA strands, the technology itself) that codes for the spike protein (and whatever else it codes for) that sits inside of the LNP fatty balls that is injected into persons as part of the COVID vaccination step. The mRNA that is the LNP payload. Is this the same mRNA technology that (regardless of the swapped out methyl-pseudouridine and molecular caps and LNP etc.) forms the basis for the mRNA technology gene injections? In other words, you yourself has used the term para ‘inventor of the mRNA technology’ and it is the reason you are known. I m asking, can you say it clearly, that you invented (created or developed, ‘you’) the mRNA technology that is the core to the mRNA gene injections that was rolled out to the world?

I would expect that because of my questions, your lackies (some would say supporters, I would say lackies for that is what some doctors and scientists actually in the COVID Freedom movement are and became, some say for money, some say for fame, some say to latch on to you for shout outs, I do not know why, not sure about all of this, some say to develop supplements with you, some say to make money with you, again I do not know, look, I just do not know, I am only trying to understand your role in the mRNA technology development and am expecting to be attacked by those who do not want you questioned to upset their money train (maybe not yours? but theirs) and I get it, yet I am trying to understand mainly to see if you would help, as the inventor of the mRNA technology, create some follow-up technology or adjunct technology to be given so that the mRNA mechanism of action is stopped given the spike protein is the toxic business end of the mRNA technology and I hope you understand my role, only to help save lives as I imagine is yours) would find a way to smear and attack me etc. in the media. I am prepared for that and will respond in kind. These questions I have are critical Sir, I do not accuse, I am asking, I do not know, scientist to scientist and again, if I am attacked or I deem it was one, I will be forced to go to media too.


In other words, was your attack (or statements against) of TWC’s Nattokinase spike support formula because you are developing your own such formula, maybe near identical formula? So you were trying to take it out as an option? That makes business sense but I do not get it, why would you not work with TWC? Why attack a formula that may offer some help and support? At this time. Why not partner with us to help save lives and improve health and well-being? The tent is big and we have room for you and would welcome you! Please advise on these questions as I do not know the answers and it will help us the public as we wrestle with the devastation of the mRNA technology based COVID gene injection, the very mRNA technology you advised that you invented. I have lots of mRNA technology questions but for another time, these 5 are ones I think are key at this time.

Thank you for considering.