Dr. Paul E. Alexander: the entire filed of evidence-based medicine (EBM) is dead; public health field (PH) now is an utter fraud, sham, bull sh*t voo doo science; corrupted, inept, incompetent idiots

by Paul Alexander

EBM & Public health (PH) killed itself over COVID; it fell in love then committed suicide, PH is pure garbage, U of Toronto epi degree I got was rubbish, my classmates know their ineptness, pure SHAM

I will start by saying I too, can be an idiot and foolish and make mistakes. I welcomed being school always when I make mistakes. I am talking about the harms and deaths accrued due to the corruption and ineptness and sheer incompetence of the PH field and EBM field. The reluctance to help the public and only whore after grant money$.

I had to go onto Oxford, then to a doctorate, then lots of self taught, then lots of work global experience, Johns Hopkins learning under DA Henderson (biowarfare/bioterrorism), high level technical debates and communications for over 20 years. The U of Toronto graduate degree was utter garbage IMO and I sat with many colleagues who today are in key senior post after 20 years across Canada, and we drank coffee after our classes in the medical sciences building agreeing that the professors were idiots save Corey IMO and the work was junk. We learnt nothing. I had to spend more time and money to ensure I learnt and now under mentorship of McCullough and Risch, I am a polished academic scientist, who has put in the work. I am sought after globally on COVID and turned to by top level doctors and scientists globally for my view, my technical input. I tip my hats to those I learnt from, especially Dr. Richard Schabas, maybe the most intellectual.

EBM was my dream, I loved it, enjoyed learning it all, and even teaching it at McMaster. But it is dead. They killed it. COVID killed it. It committed hari kari suicide over COVID and the lure of the forbidden, the grant money. They know who they are in EBM centers, these masters of EBM, should be all ashamed they let thousands die due to no early treatment. They helped force and deceive the nation on these fraud Bourla and Bancel injections. Why? in greed for grants. Follow the money always.

That these beasts tried to and did lie to you and convinced you that vaccine immunity was superior to naturally acquired immunity? That lockdowns worked? That these fraud and fake surgical and cloth masks worked?

Bull shit and they all knew the garbage they were peddling. The knew that COVID was amendable to risk stratification one month out and that baseline risk was prognostic on your severity. Yet they lied to you. They knew and age-risk gradient existed and it was clear. April 2020. They knew that Cao et al. and Madewell et al. showed that asymptomatic spread was bull shit and they crystalized what Fauci even stated until he went AWOL on asymptomatic spread.

They knew that there was an age-risk stratified approach that was optimal and not a carte blance ex cathedra lockdown and school closures. They knew, these bitches. That these restrictions were killing people. Not the virus. Fauci is the lead and Francis Collins with Birx. Yes, biotches for the deaths they caused and the extend to which they misled Trump. It is incredible. While the decisions were his. But they deceived and undercut and subverted him. Day by day. We watched it play out with their Imperial College bogus models on that Task Force podium, a clown car show daily.

I told you prior I will be honest and like in SARS 1 in 2003, in places like Canada who showed you how all the public health morons out of McGill, U of Toronto, Queens, McMaster etc. with their epi degrees, get plum posts in government agencies, are basically idiots technically….no doubt likely better people than even I and you…great human beings, maybe parents and spouses, but assholes and dumb as rocks and blades of grass and they know it…run around with big degrees that are essentially same as toilet paper. And inside they know it, they cannot figure out what to do in a 3 person disease outbreak, far less a pandemic. That is why Toronto had 40 odd deaths in SARS 1 while 3rd world nations had none. 40…these same idiots, these people are now in more senior roles in Canada and even US, and now involved in COVID response…do you understand what I am saying? We are DOA with these dolts on tap. They have zero clue of what the hell they have been doing and will do. None!

It is a pure sham, pure bull shit, this field of public health. Bull shit absurdity.

Richard Schabas is likely the smartest person in epidemiology I know of, globally even, with Risch. While my colleagues ran from him in 1999 to 2001 to do their epi practicums at UofT, I decided I would try and he was tough but what I learnt, they could only dream of. He polished and strengthened me.

Academically sloppy, irrational, nonsensical, cognitively dissonanced, absurd malfeasants IMO. They caused harms yet collected pay checks along the way as they locked you down and suffered you….forcing you to take an ineffective and harmful vaccine.

All of the harms and deaths we have incurred in COVID, is largely because of the idiots and morons we have as part of the COVID response making policy e.g. the Ontario govn COVID science table, the Canadian federal task force, the US COVID task force…just pure dolts and the hubris and arrogance that they know they are dumb and clueless yet run around thinking they ‘got game’ with their unscientific, illogical, irrational, unsound modelling…pure bull shit, man made manipulated models of junk.

There has been not one, not one lockdown, school closure, mask mandate, business closure that worked to stop transmission, and these idiots, these stiff necked fools deserve the credit of the failures led by pure idiots and frauds like Francis Collins and Fauci…dangerous frauds for the lies and policies that harmed people and even caused deaths, suicides in our children. The blood of our people is on their hands and as I have said before, we lock them all up, all who costed lives if it is shown they did it needlessly and recklessly…we lock them up and strip them of every last penny. We clean them out of every cent. From their families too…no one is to benefit from the crimes.

Show me any evidence where any COVID policy worked…show me and I will stfu…but you cannot and these beasts like Bourla of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna are coming with our kids in their cross hairs. This is our hot gates, this is where we hold them, this is where we put them down technically and scientifically and we refuse to budge.

I warn you again, many healthy children will die of these COVID vaccines.

Nothing worked, no lockdown, the COVID mRNA vaccines are dangerous, do not work to protect the upper airways, do not sterilize the virus and the non-neutralizing antibodies actually facilitate infection in the vaccinated driving negative efficacy. That’s right, the vaccine causes infection and worse yet, you can end up in the hospital or die. That’s what these bitches like Fauci, Njoo, Bourla, Tam, Francis Collins etc. have done…and they know it. They know that a vaccine that does not sterilize the virus will drive selection pressure and viral immune escape. They know that the sub-optimal immune pressure created by the mass vaccination programs along with the tremendous infectious pressure, and sub-optimal non-neutralizing antibodies will potentially and likely (as it is doing now e.g. omicron sub-variants) result in the natural selection ‘selecting’ out and forward highly infectious variants, variants that could overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure, and result in highly infectious (and a possibly lethal) variant. The pandemic will go on for 100 more years with these vaccines. They know it. IMO, this is a deliberate malfeasant for it cannot be pure ineptness.

Look at the medical journal publishing now? Pure utter corrupted biased junk. Journals, the editors are now sold out, bought and paid for by pharma e.g. LANCET, JAMA, even BMJ that tries to masquerade now as in the center. Bull shit, they did enough damage early on, save Doshi. The rest, flush.

Epidemiology and a new form of EBM is indeed alive, nascent, emerging, today, courtesy of me, Risch, McCullough, Amerling, Tenenbaum, Wolf, Levitt, Urso, Oskoui, Horowitz, Todaro, Heneghan, Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, Atlas, Gupta, Attkisson, Hoeg, Brinkley, Dopp, Vanden Bosshe, Trozzi, Littel, Bridle, Dunn, Hodkinson, Hoffe, Makary, Cole, Malone etc. and many more, not only to do with COVID, but in every field now. We have taken it away from the idiots and morons and biased political freaks in academia who harmed us and killed many of us for money! We now run things and nothing, nothing they wrote or put out is beyond us. We will examine it and punish them technically for the junk they are putting out.

All you ivory tower sick freaks with your coffees and pipes and conclaves and bull shit. We run things now and its over for you sell outs and killers of innocent healthy peoples with your lockdown lunacy and COVID vaccines. You have zero respect, you clinical doctors, no one, no one regards you with any respect any more. You earned it. CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, take them down to the very studs and fumigate them, fire all top level people, fire them, no pensions, and run them out of dodge. We begin again! We learnt you do not and likely never worked for us, only your corrupted self!