Dr. Paul Elias Alexander: I wish to be clear, these COVID mRNA Pfizer & Moderna vaccines are not effective & not properly safe; not safety tested, the vaccines WILL, not may, 'WILL' kill our children

by Paul Alexander

I am not your personal physician, yet I am sharing my view & you talk to your doctor, but IMO, I would never ever give these vaccines to my teens or young children, or infant; zero, it will harm/kill

I plead with you, talk to your doctor as the parents but there is no condition, none in healthy children, healthy children who bring near zero, statistical zero risk to the table, whereby these safety untested injections are warranted, they are not safe and not tested; you will be taking a huge risk to vaccinate your healthy child with these injections.

No Fauci or Walensky or Francis Collins or anyone anywhere, has prosecuted the case as to why your healthy child will need these injections, NONE! Tell them take the vaccine and shove up up their a**! Not your child! This is about greed, power, selling millions of vaccines they made, this is not about the best for your child!

And if you could, please ask Fauci or Walensky and Birx and Collins, or Hahn or anyone of these people who have taken us there, and definitely Albert Bourla the CEO of Pfizer or Bancel of Moderna, to come debate me, me, any place or time, and bring whom they wish; let us talk about the vaccines and the data, the fraud data they submitted to FDA…and I too will bring Malone and McCullough and Risch etc. If they want me alone, I can do that too.

Just set it up. We are eager.

They are pressing people, coming at our children and it is here we wage our greatest battle, we stop them:

1)Moderna seeks to vaccinate 6 month olds to 5 years

2)The US Food and Drug Administration announced Monday that it has expanded approval of the Covid-19 drug remdesivir to treat patients as young as 28 days and weighing about 7 pounds.

3)Covid-19 vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds is safe and shows 'robust' antibody response, Pfizer says