Dr. Peter Breggin & family have been hit with COVID & being helped wonderfully by Dr. Peter McCullough, hero in Freedom Movement, real hero, while Robert Malone officially sued them for 25 $ million

by Paul Alexander

Why? Do you think you can censor & silence me for calling Malone out? his own scientific colleague Dr. Kariko said he threatened her & he is a fraud, overstated his role; is this true?

This is in response to your lawsuit on the Breggins for I know how wrong it is. You are a bully and trying to destroy the Freedom movement and good people and truth is, you will never be the leader of it. Ever. You have moved to damage good people.

It is very troubling.

Anytime you are ready Malone, fire up the legal documents with your moronic idiotic lawyer. Kariko said you are a fraud and she knows you. Said what you say is not true. Should we trust her? She sounds credible. Said you threatened her. Your words that she put out seems like a threat.

Fire it up for you will have to answer to the slander of me, the threats, the threats on my family, the lies you wrote on Twitter and smears and the death threats I took on accounts of you, you see, I am not you ‘buddy’ media lacky folk, who cuddle you for 'photos’ and shout outs, you will have to deal with the science with me as to the questions we have and how come as the inventor of the deadly mRNA technology, you somehow cannot be questioned about the deaths it causes. They say you are a fraud, your scientific colleague Kariko says so, says you misrepresent who you are, full time, and you caused deaths with your mRNA. You have to be questioned under oath. No matter how long you hide, for I say you are hiding out in the Freedom movement, we know you hide out in the Freedom movement. But you will be surprised how many do not buy it and want answers. You silenced them, but not me.

They say you are a fraud. Are you? I have questions, an open full discussion and you have not had that. That is due. Not necessarily with me. I personally need no money from you, not impressed by you Malone, no aspect of your pipetting chemist past, none of it, dont need be seen with you, dont want you near me or my family for the threats you caused in the past with your Twitter posts, and people like Kingston, Stew, Kariko, Webb got your number. I am happy they question your credibility and actions.

I know, you will write some drivel stack or Twitter how it is so hard getting away from your horses and the farm and to deal with this and all that crap. I can send you the text for your lawyer who writes your media attacks. We know that too. We know what you will write next.

Do you care about the damage to these good people when you sue them? Do you consider the impact on Dr. Breggin? You move to character assassinate people with your hate. Your online hate. Your suit will likely cause death threats and possible harms to them. Do you care?

I am angered that we let you into this Freedom movement, you brought nothing but division, all you did was pimp off people’s money, people told me one year ago do not agree to let you be part of the group for your technology killed people so it was ludicrous you are now speaking for the vaccine injured. They said you are hiding out in the movement. I said wait, let him prove himself and maybe do some good. Be open I said. You have not. You have only enriched yourself with some half-baked statements and not once told the people how to stop the harms from your mRNA technology. I wanted to give you a chance and told them too, all who said you were a fraud and controlled opposition and inept and corrupt, I said no, stop, allow him. Do not say those things. Yet I am bothered today for all that has resulted is pain to the Freedom movement, due to you, good people sued and harassed and slandered.

Did you not know we could see how you and your idiot malicious lawyer were writing your Twitter and stack attacks on McCullough, made to not look like an attack but designed to smear and slander a good man? You write with hate and venom and smears then run away and write a Twitter or stack like if you are the Pope. It is you who cause people to react so I react now to your suit to the Breggins. For you are suing our family. You don’t belong in the family by your actions. So I say get out! Get out!

Any reasonable person can see the malice in what you put out. Tries to make you look like a saint but all you do is attack people. There is a record.


And btw, you media, your op-ed people, be careful with me. As you see here, I play a different game. You do not want to enter this, and I will be the judge when you do, and if you do, know all, every last word, every action you have taken that the public will be outraged about will be made public, all over the media. You do not scare me with your bullying and censor threats. Not one bit, in fact, you embolden me. I have been patient. Be careful with me. I am not the frauds you are. You money leaching pimpers of poor people. You grifters and grafters. You made money off of pain.

And I am ok, so don’t go getting your vapors and yes, I am just angered that this Malone would take this action on some of the best people in the Freedom movement who have done more to save lives than he could ever. And you stick your media heads up yours grifting assess. It is his mRNA technology that has killed people, not Breggin’s. Why have you not asked him about that? A ‘sitter’ as we say in soccer. Low-hanging fruit. Yet you are silent. His technology killed people, that is why he ran quick to hide inside the Freedom movement, capitalizing on the upside and the downside, and the Freedom movement grifting media people, sssshhh, you know who you are, interviewing everyone short of Jesus to then beg for donor money, but not Malone. The days for that are over. I will shame you into interviewing him, and many more will join me shaming you. With the right questions.


Why were you silent that the mRNA technology joined to the LNP will not stay in the injection site? People died.

Why were you silent on the deadliness of the mRNA technology for so long?

Were you bringing your own COVID vaccine?

Why have you not devised an antidote of sorts to the mRNA technology that is so very deadly? Something to counteract the effects of the mRNA and LNP and the en toto shot itself? Something that would turn off the effects of the spike protein? Or the synthetic mRNA itself?

Why did you not tell the public the mRNA technology could be reversed transcribed into the cellular DNA and have catastrophic consequences?

What did you know about IgG4 antibodies induced by mRNA technology vaccines in terms of driving immune tolerance to SARS-CoV-2’s spike Protein via suppression of the immune system?

Why did you not tell us about the deadly harms the mRNA technology would have on the baby in utero and the pregnant woman? Did you care when you ‘invented’ it?

What is DOMANE?

What was your role in Remdesivir, that failed Ebola drug? I will like to know, there is lots of troubling talk. Your credibility is shot and explaining will help a long way in restoring it.

Why would you not interview with George Webb?

Why would you not interview with ‘real’ credible journalists, scientific ones who have no connection or benefit from you?

Why do you continue to send out your lackies to answer for you, to cover for you, they continue to look idiotic, moronic, and stupid. They have zero credibility. They actually know it. Do you not know we laugh at them and can predict when you will send one or some out. It is like a show now. Look, some will come out after they read this.

These are just some questions, not to be written out, but that you must answer properly and I argue, under oath. Verbally. It will help re-establish some credibility.

I am very open to listen to your explanations, whenever someone gets to interview you who is not actually benefitting from you and DMED and your Global COVID show.

When will you address the claims of pedophilia linked to DMED etc. and the cast of characters involved? The crypto group. You are linked to that group, I should know, you tried to recruit me to DMED and when I got the true situation from senior folk at UNITY Project (who were outraged by what they themselves found out about the pedophilia accusations and wanting to have nothing to do with it, DMED, COVID alliance etc.), I decided under no condition will I ever touch DMED and the crypto people, in Puerto Rico and Miami. Your group.

I know you were upset I rejected the DMED folk and could understand the anger on that but how could you expect me to join that? To go near that filth, I mean, if what I/we were told was true, pedophilias are the one people I say should be hanged publicly with priests who rape children. Mxxxxxxxxxh and xxxxh too, we would not touch that. We were mortified by what we heard.

That’s why we bailed, in case you were wondering. Even if a taint, I could not be involved in anything with even a mention of pedophilia or questionable activity. I was concerned. Go ask the UNITY senior people. Text me Robert, I will tell you. But if you were thinking of explaining it to me, to get me to join your outfit and DMED as you did prior, not interested. You do owe me $10,000 for the work I did for your outfit. I did not forget. You used my work and benefitted, so how about you cut your boy a cheque? Never will be interested in working with you for what you have caused in the Freedom movement. You do these smears and slanders and attacks in media and things deliberately.

But boy am I itching to tell. I so am.

People said you are a fraud and controlled opposition and a hypocrite. I need you to explain this.

I enjoyed this by Webb and will do a separate stack:

Robert Malone -No Limits To Hypocrisy

Despite Missing HydroxyQ and Ivermectin With DOMANE, Malone Still Fashions Himself A Hero.

George’ Webb Task Force Orange Journal
Robert Malone -No Limits To Hypocrisy
Forward To Under Lockdown My original reason for writing “Under Lockdown” was to expose how the lockdown decisions were made in America in the early months of 2020, and to expose the profiteers who benefitted by those decision of lockdown at the expense of the American public. I have, from the outset, have been especially critical of Dr. Robert Malone…
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‘Forward To Under Lockdown

My original reason for writing “Under Lockdown” was to expose how the lockdown decisions were made in America in the early months of 2020, and to expose the profiteers who benefitted by those decision of lockdown at the expense of the American public.  I have, from the outset, have been especially critical of Dr. Robert Malone. 

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My criticism stems from not just Malone’s self serving decisions of early January and February 2020, but mostly from his decision to play the hero for the vaccine injured now all the windfall profits have been raked in after the experimental vaccine hype has run its course.  

Journalist George Webb challenged Dr. Robert Malone to a debate about DOMANE in Atlanta on March 18th, 2023.  Malone would have Webb thrown out of an Altanta Conference a week later to avoid questions about DOMANE.

Most observers, for instance, do not know that Dr. Robert Malone held the power in his hands to recommend that Hydroychloroquine and Ivermectin to be distributed to stop the spread of CoronaVirus through a program called DOMANE, and he instead chose to study Pepcid AC, despite fifteen years of study and a DARPA recommendation for Ivermectin.  

Journalist Anne Vandersteel addresses the Sarasota Hospital Safety Board on March 23rd, 2023, representing victims of Remdesivir.

Survivor groups are now petitioning hospitals all over the United States for deaths caused by Remdesivir, a drug that somehow passed Dr. Robert Malone’s DOMANE approval despite two failed drug trials, one for Hepatitis-C and another for Ebola.  

Robert Malone’s DOMANE was funded by the CARES Act for Emergency Funding for finding CoronaVirus cures. You can see from the AI results below that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were not in the DOMANE list of candidate drugs although both were well known treatments for SARS-like Corona viruses. Additionally, you will see that Remdesivir did win FDA Emergency approval in late April despite not being a DOMANE finalist also. 

I have had the unfortunate task of covering many of these Remdesivir survivor events in person, and unfortunately, all the interviews about Remdesivir seem to have a tragic ending. I don’t have the luxury of just gnoshing with the trial lawyers, planning my next media fund raiser.

Undeterred by the human tragedy of Remdesivir his AI indulgence cost, Dr. Robert Malone blithely went about repositioning himself in November of 2021 as the hero of the vaccine injured, once the easy profits of false hope with experimental vaccines have been reaped.

Dr. Robert Malone made a spoof on the World’s Most Interesting Man Dos Equis commercial, promoting wine.

Interesting that Robert Malone’s DOMANE Finalists included Pfizer’s Celecoxid which had numerous lawsuits in the United States under its tradename Celebrex, and Robert Malone later marketing this product to the country of India when India demanded that Pfizer conduct clinical trials, and Pfizer refused.

Article by Daniel Gardner, February 4th, 2021, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Malone professed that the group running the Clinical Trial, Quantum Leap Health Care, mismanaged the clinical trial at Northwell Hospital in New York.  Malone refuses to shed light on what went wrong in the clinical trial with Northwell or Quantum Leap, or why he gave up with just one failed, small trial when so much was at stake.

Even though Robert Malone states he did not coordinate with Retired CIA Officer, Michael Callahan, Trial Site News had a different version.

Malone then quickly transitioned into playing the hero for vaccine injured in the Summmer of 2021, seemingly after Hydroxyqcholoroquine and Ivermectin had been dispensed with.  Malone filed as the star witness representing US Military personnel as vaccine injured in November of 2021 in the Middle District of Florida.

Journalist Webb reviews Dr. Robert Malone’s testimony from a lawsuit he was involved in, located in the Middle District of Florida.

Dr. Robert Malone benefited from the early hype of his Inovio COVID vaccine, with the stock going to almost $30.  Now, Inovio stock is less than $1 a share in price.

So the beneficiaries of the COVID vaccine boom now seem to want to become the heroes of the vaccine injured with Dr. Robert Malone being the leading celebrity on the alternative media circuit.  Interesting that the same people on the media circuit who stood to gain from COVID vaccines also were in charge of determining if existing drugs could be repurposed, obviating the need for COVID vaccines.

Dr. Chris Shoemaker says DARPA studied CoronaViruses for over a dozen years and determined that Ivermectin should be issued in 2016 if there should be an outbreak of a new, novel CoronaVirus.

Dr. Robert Malone’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DARPA) tasked him with evaluating repurposed drugs in February of 2020 for CoronaVirus, and Malone missed recommending Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, opening the door for CoronaVirus vaccine development.

Journalist George Webb was thrown out of Dr. Robert Malone’s COVID Litigation Conference after being granted a press pass on March 25th, 2023.

That is the incredibly hypocritical situation we find ourselves in, here at the end of March 2023.  The “experts” who missed Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, and the same people that are now positioning themselves to pursue the lawsuits of families of the Remdesivir dead. Personally, I am working every day to get to the bottom of the DOMANE story, and this search for truth for a better tomorrow for every man, woman, and child in the world.