Dr. Peter Breggin has turned for the worse & is headed to hospital re COVID; his wife Ginger is taking him & we must pray & find ways to support; Malone's lawsuit sunk them, they were doing well

by Paul Alexander

Can you imagine you facing a law suit for 25 million, we pleaded with Malone to not file, leave these patriots alone; I am shocked at the turn of events & what Malone did here was uncalled for

Dr. Breggin may not survive I am afraid, and I am praying hard and plead with you. Seriously, the service of the law suit hurt them badly. Dr. Breggin is a giant, a beast but the psychological impact of the law suit seems too much. We became a family in the COVID Freedom movement and it is very painful, the Breggins are like my/our new family.

They are special.

I pray Malone reverses his stance and finds the mercy in his heart, and find a way to talk it out. I call on Malone to do the right thing. Just do the right thing.

The COVID plus lawsuit is too much on these elderly patriots. I am afraid. The truth they have given us across decades is priceless and helped us. America was special because of them.

Peter Breggin is very strong. Let us pray and plead with the Lord to grant him favor now. Grant him favor, strength to wage this battle now. Give him peace and grace. We need it, we must fixate on our Lord.

People need hope and I have to tell you, the law suit service diminished them.

Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. James Thorp have been treating them quietly and also nurse Carol Crevier. Carol has helped save them so far. Huge love and praise for McCullough, Thorp, Crevier.

March 31, 2023