Dr. Peter Breggin update: Dr. Breggin had to be re-admitted to hospital for pneumonia, he has now been released after 5 days his wife has shared; he is now at home, under treatment by Thorp, Crevier

by Paul Alexander

et al.; Ginger Breggin advised that he is improving slowly and has pneumonia; let us continue praying for Dr. Breggin & Ginger who also is recovering; do not forget, these beasts Fauci invented this!!

This is the key, we can wrench about timeline, intentional or accidental, multiple release etc., but the key is this, someone, some bad sick malfeasant people for various agendas created a deadly substance/pathogen that hounds us, and we still cannot wrap our arms around this and the poison pills; we cannot forget we are here due to some type of released substance, pathogen and we must get to the bottom of this and punish the bitches who did this!! Whether we have virus hanging around due to the selective pressure from sub-optimal gene injections and induced vaccinal antibodies, virus evolving on its own, and for whatever reason, we have something that remains here and is causing serious illness and caused many deaths. The fraud mRNA technology gene injection is a separate discussion.

We punish these demons, we take their money like Bourla and Bancel and Fauci and Walensky etc. and we jail many, many. Baric, Daszak. Like Francis Collins and Azar. Investigate, figure out the extent of wrong, fine them, jail them. Long.