Dr. Peter Breggin updated me that the $ 25 million lawsuit by Malone has taken a toll & his wife Ginger is struggling badly with COVID; thank God for heroes like Drs. Peter McCullough & James Thorp

by Paul Alexander

McCullough & Thorp are providing full care but Ginger is struggling under weight of law suit & COVID as the rest of COVID Freedom Fighter doctors keep their heads up their ass, afraid to anger Malone

Huge praise for McCullough and Thorp, what giants.

You know how I roll, this short man syndrome fraud does not bother me, I have scientific questions he refuses to address e.g. silence on reverse transcription back to DNA, on vaccine leaving injection site, on his threats to Dr. Kariko, on why she said he was a fraud and she knows him best, she said he is a fraud so I say he is a fraud, I take tone from her, she said he did not mentor her despite he saying he did…on talk that he did not take the shots and said that only to get some credibility, so all of these…I know when he reads this he will send out a lackey or two to slam for when the Lord was handing out testicles, he did not get the memo and somehow got none.


I await mine. I want one. Send me one Rob, send me one. I know you are angered that I showcased Kariko and what you did. I want to return in kind to him for the slander and smears of me and the threats on my family by this short man syndrome fraud. I am so angered that Ginger is in the fight of her life as he counts the 25 $ million he plans to get from them that they do not have.

That you would have the gall to think you could destroy the Breggins? That you would try to character assassinate two good people? And want me to stand by? No, I cannot. I stand with them. I stood by McCullough as you attacked him. Will always.

And his lackies stay silent, the so called COVID doctors, with their heads up his ass, his ass, they cannot even breath now. Why don’t you COVID so called Freedom fighter doctors take your heads out of Malone’s ass seeking shoutouts, and stand up for the Breggins? Why? These COVID doctors, so shameful, I used to admire them, the weak pusillanimous weaklings, come whispering to me ‘oh Paul, we so admire you, we wish we were you, you are so strong, but we are afraid of being sued so we will not say anything, oh we need him to somehow give us money’. Can you believe that shit? Who the hell is this short man syndrome fraud to instill that fear? This fraud has caused so much pain and damage in the Freedom movement with his attacks and threats. And they tell me ‘oh Paul, you respond so hard, must you be so hard’. Do I? This short man syndrome fraud is trying to destroy the lives of two Americans who did more for America and the world than he could ever do, the Breggins. And you stand by? You weakling you! You disgust me, sorry I know you!

I ask you to pray for Ginger please. Pray she pulls through. Pray she regains her strength to fight this short man syndrome fraud as per Dr. Kariko statement, in court and take him for every cent he has, help us get back all that tax payer money he pocketed with his ‘contracts’. I worked in government, I worked in similar, I left it for it is full of fraud and embezzlement of tax payer money…these technocrat frauds, these so called ‘scientists’ suck off the teats of the tax payer treasury…grant after grant, they have no ability, just grants and an incestuous filthy system of kickbacks, thats all it is good for, writing grants for your tax money and run around and buy horses and cars and homes with your money saying ‘hey, look at me, I am successful’. Cannot one day work in a normal 9-5 job. Elitist freaks. The lot of them. Every single question you think you have for Fauci and Francis Collins, you must pose to Malone.

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