Dr. Peter Breggin's wife Ginger Breggin is NOT doing well re COVID, not good, thank God for Dr. P. McCullough & Dr. J. Thorp for treating her; let us pray she recovers as MALONE served her with court

by Paul Alexander

papers! I repeat, I & others flew to Miami, Puerto Rico to join a group called DMED co-run by Robert MALONE, backed by crypto people; I thought I would investigate as was asked to join

McCullough and Risch were asked to, they did not go as were concerned with initial reports, felt uncomfortable. I flew with other Freedom Fighter doctors I will not name. When I got there, I felt it will be a fact finding for Risch and McCullough. I was told by serious people there in this fancy Miami house that there was strong word of pedophilia in the crypto people who were backing Malone’s COVID group (not the COVID doctors, the crypto backers, Malone would know who they are); I did not know what to make of that, who, what, but that word scared me, angered me, and we left; I wanted more details but left. I refused to join that Malone group as that was a major issue for me no matter how much they made it attractive with offers; I was lobbied repeatedly to join with Malone, I did not. He and they even threatened to sue me for refusing to join, to sue McCullough too…can you imagine that? For not joining. And they tried all ways to make it attractive. But I could not. We could not. Bad stuff was told to me/us about that backing crypto group and thus to me, it was DOA. I wrote an earlier stack telling Malone to distance himself from that DMED group backers and funders tied to his COVID company. Up to him. But his crypto group backers IMO are a serious issue.

Full disclosure and I am so very proud of McCullough and Risch for from day one saying ‘NO way’! Initial intel was too troubling.

Don’t bother sending your lackies Malone, when I wrote, I chose each word carefully and anything I write is factual. Sue me if you want. Your problem Malone is as you bullied and threatened and sued several, you poked me. You poked the wrong person.


I ask you to pray for Ginger, she needs this now to recover for this law suit on top of COVID is a tremendous load. Again, Drs. McCullough, Thorp are helping. There is a nurse who drove to them to help them, I cannot say but what a tremendous beautiful human being. If I get permission, I will tell you who it is. Dr. Thorp has emerged as maybe one of the best doctors globally, what a heart. Such gracious mercy, such compassion. McCullough, well, there is nothing left to say about his special place in heaven. It is a very difficult time for them.

I am praying Malone does the right thing and withdraws his suit, apologizes to Breggins, McCullough, Risch, to Foster Coulson of the TWC, to all, don’t bother for me, if McCullough and Risch gives me the nod, I will be good to go, but Malone must do the right thing. He is trying to destroy the Freedom Movement. Malone has caused so much damage and pain, he has to stop. There is no reason for this. It is outrageous.