Dr. Peter Marks as COVID Vaccines chief may have been cut out of White House-Pfizer loop on early trial data on Omicron-targeting booster, recalling White House making original booster decision; WHAT?

by Paul Alexander

What the phu*k is this? White House morons Ashish Jha and other inept CDC blockheads & Pfizer making decisions without Marks? That is textbook insanity & something stinks to high heavens

‘Public health officials stand to get even more defensive amid revelations that Pfizer is sharing undisclosed booster efficacy data with the White House and that boosters may actually weaken immune systems' ability to fight COVID.’

In other words the data is bad bad bad, in fact real bad so Pfizer is giving White House a look at the data even before Peter Marks sees it, so the Pfizer and White House (including CDC) malfeasants can cook it and spin it. This is not good. This is corruption. IMO fraud, again Pfizer is engaging in data fraud with the vaccine.

It's not clear Marks has been privy to the latest Pfizer data. Politico reported Thursday afternoon the drugmaker was "slated" to give unidentified Biden administration officials bivalent efficacy data that day, continuing a year-old pattern of the White House leading the FDA in vaccine decisions.’



Biden officials to get key data on new Covid booster's effectiveness

The update comes amid anxieties about the administration's effort to promote the newest vaccination as an upgrade over the original.