Dr. Peter Marks: "Hybrid flu, COVID-19 shots won't be ready this fall: FDA"; now tell me, what could conceivably go wrong here, using Mark's excellent track record with the fraud mRNA gene shot?

by Paul Alexander

The FDA must be shredded, taken to the studs, stripped down & all leadership, I say from all I know, the top 100 across that inept corrupted agency, fired! Get to hell out; COVID showed us how inept

Tell me Peter, what is the value added? Where is the benefit? For a COVID shot that is NOT needed. Tell us. Do not just barrel ahead, just explain in simple language the risk benefit calculus, show us how you at FDA decided this was needed, a combo shot. The flu shot is already at best 8% effective. Vaccine effectiveness is near zero and they always knew the flu shot, annual, is a fraud and lie. No benefit, just money making. Granny is fooled year over year. So now you will be lying to granny about both shots in combo. ‘Stop us if you can’! This is FDA’s motto.

Is there a hell to send these people to? These alphabet health agency people. A suitable hell. Normal hell won’t cut it for these people are too malfeasant for they are not operating based on a scientific need here. No medical basis. Just we can do it, so let’s do it. ‘Stop us if you can’!




‘A single vaccine that protects against both COVID-19 and flu will not be ready ahead of the next virus season, a top FDA official said March 1.

Peter Marks, MD, PhD, director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, called the task "too heavy of a lift" to be completed by this fall, noting that the need for annual COVID-19 vaccination only became clear in the past few months.

"But our goal is for the following season to have that available," he said during an FDA webinar on COVID-19 vaccine updates. 

The agency is working to develop a robust set of data to strengthen the public's confidence in receiving both vaccines on the same day, according to Dr. Marks.

As part of a larger effort to simplify its vaccine strategy, the FDA is also working to standardize the composition of primary series and booster shots.

"We would have the same vaccine strain composition for all spike-based COVID-19 vaccines, which would hopefully allow one to have interchangeability," Dr. Marks said, adding that the agency is aiming to complete this consolidation by June.’