Dr. Peter McCullough & Tucker Carlson tonight on the tragic collapse of Buffalo's NFL player Damar Hamlin & "on the disturbing trend of more young athletes collapsing on the field with heart issues"

by Paul Alexander

"The leading concern here is vaccine-induced myocarditis, if indeed he's taken the vaccine." Our research shows COVID-19 can cause heart damage, vaccine-induced myocarditis heart damage, SILENT!

IMO, every single NFL player (or athlete in America) must be screened for myocarditis (post COVID gene injection); they must demand it! Do not take the field for you could be DAMAR! Do not let them lie to you and confuse you with commotio cordis!

‘There is a public health obligation to tell us if he took the vaccine’.

The initial presentation of vaccine-induced myocarditis can be cardiac arrest.

Dr. McCullough enters the room as the adult with people like Oskoui and Dan Stock to read the riot act and is in line with my initial substack as below:

Alexander COVID News-Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Newsletter
VACCINE: Bills NFL football safety Damar Hamlin collapses in game against Bengals; Dr. Ramin Oskoui cardiologist called me & sent me some data; Dr. McCullough has been screaming about this; JJ Watt
Bill Clinton said famously in his election against POTUS George Bush Sr.: “It’s the economy, stupid, it’s the economy!” Dr. Paul Elias Alexander is saying: “It’s the vaccine, stupid, it’s the vaccine!” Check out TWC at: TWC.health (url: https://www.twc.health/en-ca…
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