Dr. Peter McCullough versus Dr. Anthony Fauci; a comparison of the key variables to consider if you are holding an oversight COVID pandemic and vaccine mandate role; McCullough exceeds hands down!

by Paul Alexander

In my model, must meet 17 of 18 (95%) to head CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, or any vaccine approval or decision-maker, to have oversight approval role; as you see, Fauci fails catastrophically, meets only 2

McCullough meets 17 of 18 (95%); so does Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, Dr. Joe Ladapo, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Robert Malone could potentially make it 18/18 etc. as I think he was involved in one vaccine. You get the picture. I did not score me out of potential bias;-) but I will do quite well when you think about it. I do not see patients. Bottom line is people like Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Walensky, Ashish Jha should have never ever ever been allowed near public health or to play any role in the pandemic. Same with Hahn. Ashish Jha has not made a vaccine and may get a yes for seeing patients, I am not sure. Certainly no COVID patients. Yet he will score ‘NO’ for everything else, one of the most inept illogical and absurd people holding decision making positions in US.

Fauci meets 2 of 18 (11%)

Dr. Harvey Risch: