Dr. Robert Malone let NYT reporter Davey Alba into his home; Dr. Malone has now found out he actually let Medusa, Delilah, and Clytemnestra all in one, into his home; next time, be careful Sir!

by Paul Alexander

Please read this stack to understand how he was betrayed...his kindness was...there is no such thing as an honest reporter today...rabid animals I call them

This is the issue, these people are all cut from the same cloth, venomous, invective, poisonous, petty, they live miserable ‘little’ lives, sorry lives, DC lives, its all they know, I met several in DC. All they do is hurt good people yet get their rocks off on that.

I wish Ms. Alba well in life and hope one day she can write honestly and not allow her hatreds and venom and politics blind her. She must be a great person, likely exceptional. Just lost. Wandering in the wilderness of Trump hatred and likely anger having fallen for the shots. Bought into the COVID lies. She knows she was lied to and may have long term health problems…they all do. I have some in my own families. I hurt for them for the anguish is now cutting.

Regarding the recent NYT article concerning myself #1


Dr. Malone puts his lawyers onto the NYT and Ms. Alba.

RE: Malone v. The New York Times Company et al.

Update: Legal filing by Malone