Dr. Robert Malone speaks right after me in Maryland People's Trucker Convoy yesterday: Brian Brase and Mike Landis, co-organizers, Dr. R Malone & Dr. Paul Alexander take stage on March 26, 2022.

by Paul Alexander

Dr. Malone speaks about vaccines, censorship and journalism.

It was freezing cold then it began to hail then sleet…

This man Malone is unique, special, a real treasure to the nation of US and the world, I have grown to admire him like a brother, father, grand father, even son…a depth of respect…

We take serious risks when we speak in the open and in another stack I will share…not here what we are dealing with. But listen to this giant, this sweet human being trying to educate us on the harms of this vaccine and all the wrongs:

Dr. Robert Malone





And when you are done, take a look at this ding dong out of York U, I assume Canada…today.