Dr. Robert Redfield: "Fauci ‘Clearly Misled Congress’ Over COVID-19 Origins: Former CDC Director"; people can say what they want on Redfield, I met him, know him, I thought a good man, weak at CDC

by Paul Alexander

God fearing, good human being, was being attack from inside CDC to hurt him, but I cannot say a bad thing about him though I wanted him to fight the cabal; he did not, weak...not malfeasant like them

Key is my dealings with Redfield while at HHS, I thought a decent person, very weak to head the corrupted and inept CDC with it’s political and biased and in some sense dangerous officials. You may have your views on his past life or work, I am only commenting on my work with him. Smart person, and someone who in his weakness, loved America. You see it is very important, for there are persons in positions of authority and power who hate the US. You can see them openly but he is not one of those. You need to distinguish the two. He does and did not work against the interests and well-being of Americans, others do and did, he did not.

‘The former director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who has long suspected the hypothesis that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese laboratory, said that he believes White House adviser Anthony Fauci misled Congress about controversial gain-of-function research.’



IMO, if shown Fauci costed lives, I want him jailed for a long long time.