Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director, made MANY 100% incorrect & flat wrong statements in this LANCET (2020) paper & 2 of them I pull out below to show how outrageous a LIAR she is, damaging population

by Paul Alexander

Given all that we knew on natural immunity & its robust protection over vaccine immunity, what gave medical doctors, scientists & public health officials the right to question natural immunity? Basis?

There was no science or data or basis for Walensky and the LANCET’s lead authors e.g. Alwan et al., to make the outrageous statements on natural immunity. So why? Was it pure ineptness, or malfeasance? Some darker motive? To drive acceptance of the fraud flawed ineffective ‘coming’ COVID gene injection? Or a combination of ineptness and malfeasance? I cannot think based on all that was in the medical literature fully documented and also part of real world evidence etc., that these doctors and Walensky could be that stupid and incompetent. Yet maybe I stand corrected and they are.

Point I am making is that the LANCET paper (see link below) that Walensky et al. wrote is/was pure junk science and garbage. Most if not all content made absolutely no sense.

Statement 1: Uncontrolled transmission in younger people risks significant morbidity and mortality across the whole population. In addition to the human cost, this would impact the workforce as a whole and overwhelm the ability of health-care systems to provide acute and routine care.

For statement 1, she was referring to herd immunity and saying that a herd immunity approach (and this was in response to people like Dr. Scott Atlas and myself) would harm people due to uncontrolled spread for we were going to ‘let it rip’. We never ever said such a thing. Atlas and I and even Bhattacharya always intimated that we:

1)we let people live daily lives being naturally and harmlessly exposed to pathogen (COVID) as they do as part of usual day to day living e.g. as they are exposed to common colds etc., not deliberate infection; we ‘allow’ and we never said ‘let it rip’


Rochelle seemed to have missed that part.

Statement 2: Furthermore, there is no evidence for lasting protective immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following natural infection

I mean, it is this statement by Dr. Walensky that staggers me. A pure 100% lie by her and she should be ashamed. If she stands by this if interviewed, I would fire her on the spot for then she would be simply stupid and inept. Some argue she is that already, no need to prove it. I will be silent on that. Yet the body of evidence was clear, and not just during COVID as the science emerged quickly, but across medicine and research, and we always knew this, and even a first year medical student or GRADE 10 biology student would know that natural immunity was and is superior to vaccine immunity and can be life-long. There is no instance whereby a vaccine can confer better stronger, more robust immunity than natural exposure immunity.

And in case Rochelle cannot read the science, or the data, or does not understand it, or just does not ‘get’ it, or is just plain intellectually lazy and academically sloppy, fraught with cognitive dissonance, then I include my seminal paper in Brownstone on natural immunity that today informs the US government’s House of Representatives and Senate and global scientists etc.:



Walensky et al.: