Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director; what an inept idiot, what an idiot, I am seldom lost for words & I use to think prior CDC directors were morons, due to stupidity they did/said, but she tops them!

by Paul Alexander

No question, whether appointed by a republican or democrat POTUS, they have proven to be some of the biggest dolts, pure incompetent eggheads; but Rochelle, what can I say, you win!

The only person I would say is more idiotic is Hochul of New York and the mayor Adams, what a sheer clown that guy is; but Rochelle’s stupidity is special, she deserves the inaugural Jackass COVID award. This when this person knew she was lying for the data well over one year has been clear that vaccinated persons got infected, were infectious, and got sick after being vaccinated; so it is either she is more stupid and inept than we realized or is malfeasant; you chose. I cannot decide at this time and I think she may be both. But hands down she lies in a special way, with consummate ease. No flinch. And she knew the ‘real world’ from Scotland, UK, Israel etc. were all showing week after week the opposite to what she said. She just decided once again to just lie with duplicity, her ‘noble lie’. You were too stupid to handle the truth so she must lie to you.

This lady told you ‘real world data’ informed her that vaccinated were not getting infected etc. I guess now we know that Rochelle is one year behind the data at CDC, either cannot get the data, no one relays it to her, does not know how to search for her own information, cannot understand the data and cannot read the data. For the CDC’s own data showed one year now that the vaccine was a real ineffective failure and not properly safe.