Dr. Roger Hodkinson, myself, Dr. McCullough, Peter Halligan & Mr. Foster Coulson of The Wellness Company (CEO of TWC) discuss the issue of BANNING 'vaccinated' blood; ONLY unvaxxed transfusion?

by Paul Alexander

We discuss the challenges & Roger is prescient and Dr. McCullough has opined prior; this is a very vexing issue and demands urgent consideration at the least to unpack the key issues to move forward

What are your views, all of you?

Roger basically said:

  • Blood transfusion is now only done when a life is in jeopardy (imminent danger) and any risk of death from getting mRNA technology/spike protein/LNP would be much lower than dying of the complication of the underlying condition if transfusion did not occur. This must be maybe the key consideration.

  • Restricting blood donations to the unvaxxed would result in a catastrophic shortage of blood for life saving transfusions in general.

  • Unvaxxed patients with multiple antibodies against red cells from previous transfusions would have a very difficult time getting negative cross matched blood as the pool to test against would be only ~ 10% of that available today.

  • Setting up a national blood bank from unvaxxed donors would be a logistic nightmare and add excessive costs to a system already massively underfunded.

What is needed urgently is:

  • Tests of donated blood for quantification of spike protein/LNPs

  • Methods to remove spike protein/LNPs from donated blood before transfusion -- ? passed over columns with immobilized antibodies to spike protein/LNPs

  • Pending the above, routine prophylaxis of transfused patients with agents known to be protective against spike protein, such as IVM and other agents.

Please weigh in on this discussion. Give your comments.

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