Dr. Ryan Cole, Idaho pathologist is being investigated for making false and misleading statements about early treatment & masks & prescribing ivermectin; I know Ryan personally, brilliant, great

by Paul Alexander

American & this is classic witch hunt bogus filth, because he exposed regular MDs & the fraud medical establishment who denied early treatment so people died & forced the deadly vax that killed people

Ryan should tell the board to take your license and shove it, and move on. He will survive. It is the boards and weak feeble medical doctors and the medical profession itself that stood by and:

i)let their patients die by not proving available cheap effective early multi-drug sequenced treatments for COVID

ii)denied natural ‘recovered’ immunity and helped push sub-optimal vaccinal immunity

iii)helped governments push vaccine mandates that caused great harm to the populations

iv)caused deaths of our children with the fraud lockdown lunatic policies including school closures that killed our children

Medical doctors failed, failed us big and must hang their heads in shame. History will record them as the devastating duplicitous failures they are. Weak, feeble, pusillanimous people. They have lost all credibility and to call the capacity, depth, skill, intention etc. of Dr. Cole into question when they worked and conspired with governments to kill people with their lunatic policies and silence and ‘going along to protect their salaries’, is laughable and has no basis.

We have worked together and I call Dr. Cole a colleague and friend. He is exceptional and we are hoping he would join us further as we work to help fix healthcare in the US and elsewhere. He has worked hand in hand with people like me and I am honored to have rallied with him to help inform and share valuable information to the public for informed decision making.

The tide is turning and has turned and the public is onto the fraud of what governments did with this pandemic. The lies, the deaths they caused, the deaths the alphabet health agencies caused. We will not forget and will settle scores in the court house. We will jail many! As an academic scientist, I can tell you I have known, schooled with some of the brightest people globally, and Ryan Cole is among the very best. The best heart and simply wanted to and seeks to help save lives. That is all. Guilty of that! He is guilty of following the real science while our academic scientists, medical doctors, public health officials denied the science and collaborated to help kill us, to kill our children with lunatic lockdowns and fraud gene injections.

So we must defend him, protect him!