Dr. Stephen Hahn, former FDA commissioner under POTUS Trump: I knew him, worked with him in DC, he is a sell out IMO, for he regulated Pfizer & Moderna yet took a plum high paid job at Moderna; how

by Paul Alexander

corrupt is that? Did he give Moderna EUA in exchange for job? This revolving door policy between FDA, NIH, CDC and pharma is ridiculous and deadly to the American people as seen in COVID mRNA vaccine


Former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Stephen Hahn is joining the venture capital firm that launched Moderna and remains closely tied to the coronavirus vaccine maker, the firm confirmed on Monday.


Hahn will serve as a chief medical officer at Flagship Pioneering — which incubated Moderna more than a decade ago — as the life sciences venture firm announced its expansion into new projects like pandemic preparedness. The former commissioner’s move is the latest by a federal official to a company that is regulated by the government or that might profit from firms regulated by the government — what critics call a revolving door that they say undermines trust in federal decisions.

“In my career I have been a doctor and a researcher foremost and it is an honor to join Flagship Pioneering in its efforts to prioritize innovation,” Hahn said in a statement. The Washington Post first reported that Hahn was in talks to join the company.’

Dated OLD news but remains critical news, as it helps explain why we got here.