Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi in Athens on the devastation by the mRNA gene injections, his plea to stop the injection NOW! 'What I want to tell you is that the whole hoax, the whole criminal hoax of COVID'

by Paul Alexander

The gene based vaccines are the devil, it has never worked and will not work.


Bhakdi’s speech


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[Applause, Chanting “Bhakdi”]

[0:00:29] Dr. Bhakdi: My family is here. My wife, my two sons, and I. We love you. And, it is our privilege and honor to be here in this city, in front of so many wonderful people.

[0:00:52] I came to Europe almost 60 years ago in search of what made Europe and Western civilization what it is. Of course, everything started here, in Greece. The beginnings of democracy, of science, of human ethics and medicine. I always wanted to become a doctor, but I could not find these qualities in my home country in Thailand, so I came to Europe. And I found everything I was searching for. And, for many decades, I think I was one of the happiest, most content people on this earth. Because I had found it. Since two and a half years, from being one of the most happiest people on earth, I had become one of the saddest people on earth. And, when the question came whether I would come here today, I said I have not traveled for long distances for two- and one-half years, since the beginning of this terrible nightmare, but I said I will come. I will come because I owe it to you, I owe it to you.

[Applause, Chanting “Bhakdi”]

[0:02:58] Alright, I thought there was going to be translation, but I am allowed to speak. I will try to use the simplest words because, um, it’s the simplest words that can reach the heart.

[Applause, Chanting “Bhakdi”]

[0:03:23] I said I would come because I am horribly afraid that something that is being planned to happen by the people who are perpetrating this, who are organizing this, and these people are, [Indiscernible], not in Greece, they are far away. But they have the control over the perpetrators in Greece and they are now tormenting you and your beloved ones, they are enslaving you, they are making you ill, there are so many dead and dying now, and the terrible thing is, this is going to increase if you, the Greek, cannot stop it. If anyone is going to stop it, it is going to come from this country.


[0:04:37] Now, let me talk to you for 10 minutes. I am going to show you 10 pictures, and these are 10 pictures you should take into your hearts because I am going to tell you something that hardly anyone knows, but that everyone must know, so can we have the first… Is it appearing on the screen?

[0:05:19] I want to tell you something that is not known, even to most doctors, medical professionals, scientists. Although what I am going to show you in the next four slides belongs to the basic knowledge every doctor should have but they do not have it. And, many of you doctors here, you have it, but most of your colleagues don’t have it. And I tell you this is the way to go, we have to spread the knowledge that is in the textbook of medicine, I am not showing you anything I discovered, I am showing you things that have been known for decades and that are in the textbooks of medicine and immunology.

So, give me a queue when the slide is shown, I don’t see it here, not yet.

[0:06:25] What I want to tell you is that the whole hoax, the whole criminal hoax of COVID-19 rests on your ignorance of basic biology. And this is a question of life and death, that is controlled by your immune system and the immune system of all animals, mammals. So, we have an immune system that is important for combatting aliens that come into our bodies like viruses and bacteria.

Is the picture up there? Not yet.

[Ambulance sounds]

We have an emergency out there [pointing in the distance] probably a vaccine injury


[0:07:39] I am going to tell you why these sounds are going to increase and increase until you will never stop hearing them until the Greek population is gone. And if you don’t stop it, no one can. It will mean to stop it when you understand how these injuries and deaths occur and why it will always occur independent of whether you are vaccinating against Covid, or anything else, the moment you use gene-based vaccines, which are the devils' device to kill Greece, the moment you use anything that is Gene based the moment you introduce a Gene that God, I am a godless [sic] but I talk to you about God, did not intend to have enter your body, you are asking for hell, and you will get hell, and that is what Greece is getting right now, but the whole world is getting it. Because those people up there who have planned all this have planned the living hell for all of us. And you belong to the few in Greece who realize this in time to protect yourselves and your loved ones as a sacrifice that is immeasurable it’s so great that everyone that learns about it, like myself, learns to honor you and to applaud you and to admire you for what you are doing.

Well, let me say one thing, the presentation is not there yet, but the message is so simple, I can tell it to you here…

[0:09:57] Listen, if this is a cell, this here [pointing to the podium], the cell makes a protein, this is a protein [holding up a water bottle]. While the cell makes a protein, there will be fragments of this protein, like the cap [water bottle], that will be expounded to the front of the cell so that the cell will have the protein and the fragment of the protein displayed on its surface. Now, Lymphocytes are the carriers of the immune defense against viruses as you all know, but, lymphocytes, you have T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes. Of the T lymphocytes, they are killer lymphocytes. So, you all have learned this, but recall the killer lymphocytes in your body recognize the fragments of proteins on the surface and when they recognize the fragments, it is like the key and the lock. Key and lock. They will bind to the fragments and when they bind, they will attack the cell and kill it. So, what is the use of this? If we build our proteins and our fragments are there and our immune system kills ourselves, we will be dead. The fact is, the lock and key principle tells us that lymphocytes, although they all look the same, have different locks, so some locks will see the fragments of our proteins, could it be that there are lock that could see the fragments of a virus protein. This is the question that troubles the minds of the great thinkers in science. The answer came that there are locks that see viruses even before the child is born. And it is like a lottery game, the locks are created, while, during the 5 months, the last 4 months the child is in your womb, Ladies. So that when the child is born it has lymphocytes that recognize fragments of self and fragments of not-self. All not-self in the universe are recognized by lymphocytes that are there when the baby is born. But, the lymphocytes…

Oh, they got the pictures up there, right? Ah, I see, go back one, go back one. Back one. Yes.

[0:13:48] Now, on the left side, you see in black your [unintelligible] that are on the surface of your cells you see a lymphocyte that wants to attack and kill it, BUT, and this is much better than the politicians do in Greece, those lymphocytes are silenced, they cannot say anything, they cannot do anything, they are inactive they are put in prison. That is why we do not have autoimmune disease alright? Once in a while there is an accident, and these lymphocytes that are resting in your lymph nodes come out and attack your own self and you have autoimmune hepatitis and autoimmune [unintelligible] and everything you know.

[0:14:44] Now on the right-hand side, you see in red, non-self. That might be a coronavirus, but it can be a measles virus or whatever you want. Those fragments in red would be recognized by the T lymphocytes that were present at birth, and those T lymphocytes will rise up and the team that is direct against corona will come and kill those cells that are making corona. They will kill them. And that is very good, because then the virus cannot be produced anymore and people get up, the Greeks get up, the children get up and are well again. And it takes just a few days. The first…

[0:15:44] You see, when the T cells come out and start to kill our own cells that the virus infected, it does not matter usually because most of the cells in our organs can be replaced. This is what we call healing of wounds, so if a lung cell dies, never mind, it will be replaced. A liver cell dies, never mind, it will be replaced. There are two organs where this does not take place. The brain and the heart cannot be replaced. And this is the source of the tragedy of the vaccine, the vaccine nightmare. Why, I will show you.

[0:16:46] Now, when an anti-corona team comes to fight and to try this goal, the team gets stronger and stronger with every bout. It’s like training. So it gets stronger and stronger and in the end it gets so strong that it can suppress the infection very, very quickly. This means that viruses – now listen dear colleagues. Something that hardly anyone knows, viruses can never create a pandemic, cannot create a pandemic.


[0:17:41] The last pandemics by viruses were in fact the flu pandemic starting with the Spanish flu in 1918. Now what is a pandemic? According to the original definition, a pandemic is a worldwide disease that is dangerous. Will you translate that? Now, never forget this. Never forget this. When your politicians and other doctors who do not know anything about pandemics come and say virus pandemics have killed 50 million people 100 years ago. Remember, you are the doctors. You know this. You learned this. During the flu pandemic, people died not because of the flu virus but because of the bacteria that superinfected the lungs but now with the antibiotics at hand, this will not happen. It cannot happen.


[0:18:53] Now let’s go to the next picture, which is very, very important. It is the most complicated picture. It tells you that when the T-cells are active, they will turn on their brothers, the B-cells, and the B-cells will make antibodies against the protein, and these are the Ys that you see. That’s the antibody.

[0:19:26] These antibodies could bind through the protein and stop the virus from entering cells. This is what people are lying to the whole world about, that vaccinated people have antibodies that protect them. What a lie and how ignorant and stupid. It’s incredible because it has been known for 40 years that if you immunize some of – in the muscles, the antibodies that are produced are going to be in the blood. In the blood.

[0:20:09] Now blood antibodies are never secreted out through the mucosal membranes to meet viruses that entire via the airways. If we were in a room, think you’re in a room, and this were a blood vessel and you are the antibodies. The virus would be entering through the front door. So antibodies in the blood never ever will prevent infection and that is why it never worked. It could not work. It will not work. It never will work.


[0:20:54] If your dear minister of health thinks it works, you’re going to educate him and if his assistant who’s I think a doctor believes in it, he better start reading the books and remembering what has been known for decades. I am telling you nothing new. I am telling you what has been known for decades, decades. I’m telling you what I learned when I started reading medicine. Now imagine that you are in a room and you are blood …



[0:21:57] Those antibodies, those antibodies in the blood however could bind to the protein if the protein were there and the protein could be there for instance. If this is the vessel wall and the protein is produced into the blood and you’re the antibodies, you would bind. When you bind, you will activate the second important killer system of immunity which is complement. Now you have to remember what complement is. Complement is the sister system of clotting. When the clotting system is activated, the blood clots. When the complement system is activated, this is complement now. It will bomb out this and that. It will kill the cells and complement killing is very violent. T-cell killing is silent death. Complement killing is violent death, which is highly inflammatory and highly destructive.

[0:23:18] This is shown on the left side of the picture. So complement is like a machine gun and it shoots bullets into the cell that is making this protein. Many bullets. I would tell you something that I have never said before. When I started doing science, no one knew what this product looks like and I was fortunate enough to be able to discover off the complement product. That was 45 years ago, 45 years ago.

[0:23:55] So I really know what I’m talking about. This cell is going to be destroyed. Now let’s hop to the next slide. Imagine that we are looking at the blood vessel. It’s round. Number one the vessel wall is intact, normal, healthy. Number two, the gene-based vaccines that are put into the muscle will always reach the bloodstream. Whoever says no is a liar. Even if he is your minister of health or his assistant or the minister-president, it is known that these gene-based vaccines all reach the bloodstream and when they reach the bloodstream, they will enter the cells of the blood vessels which are the end [Inaudible]. That is number two.

[0:24:56] Then these cells will produce that protein. The protein will eject into the blood. What a horrible vision because if you have antibodies, this is when you get boosted. You always have antibodies. These poor guys who are being boosted, the first booster, antibodies. The second booster, even more antibodies. Third booster, tremendous amount of antibodies. All these antibodies activate complement, the bombs, the machine guns and you see therefore that the cell is going to be riddled with bullets.

[0:25:38] Moreover the killing of the sites [Indiscernible] are also going to kill silently. So the cell has no chance but to die. So, when – and this is number six. The cells are killed and it follows the vessel wall. Two things will happen. First, as you doctors know, there would be clot transformation. The blood will clot. Second, the vessels will become leaky and the gene-based vaccines will leak into the organs, into the brain, into the heart cells, into the liver, into any organ that is – whose vessels have been damaged.

[0:26:26] There, the organs will start to produce these foreign proteins and cells and they will also become under attack and be killed. This is the essence of autoimmune disease. So, we must appear and that is what we said two years ago, that the vessels, large, medium, small and smallest will be the targets of immune attack that will lead to vessel damage, thrombi and leakage and this will be occurring in all the organs of the body, from the brain to the toe.

[0:27:19] Now, if this is true, can that be shown? Has it been shown? Next slide. This is a cast of the vessels of one portion of the brain. Look at that. The wonder of God. This is what the vessels look like in your brain and colleagues who do not want to listen to this, look at this picture because your brain is also beset with these God-given networks of vessels and 20 percent of your oxygen consumption, even those who don’t believe us. It’s used by the brain. The brain needs the oxygen. Every capillary in the brain is vitally important to keep those cells alive that surround the brain and need the oxygen. This is what God has given men.

[0:28:31] Now imagine that the smallest vessels are clotted. Is there any disease known in mankind and medicine where you have capillary thrombosis in the brain? Question to your doctors. I can tell you no, there is none, because the capillaries are so protected. There will be no clotting in the capillaries. Even the next to – the [Indiscernible] going to the capillary. Hardly ever are clots because nature and God knows that we cannot afford to do that.

[0:29:15] Listen, the brain is composed of all different areas that are responsible for you being what you are. You can move because of certain areas. You can talk because of certain areas. You see, you hear, you think – that’s the front to the brain by the way. You have a memory. You have your psyche. You have your personality. Where these are located, no one knows. People are going to find out soon because the experiment that is now being done on millions of people are going to be a subject to scientific research and at one time, in the future, people will know. Do you want to rest? Thank you. The brain …

[0:30:08] Now I am going to show you pictures that have not been published yet but they are going to be published and then they will strike terror in the hearts of anyone who sees them including your politicians, your minister of health and his assistant. Look, pathologists have now found that in the brain of deceased people after vaccination, for the first time, next slide, there are capillary thrombosis and microvessel vasculitis occurring in many, many parts of the brain. It’s the same patient. This has never been described in the textbooks. This is pathognomonic for vaccination and lo and behold, while they found those lesions, they found the spike protein of this damn virus.

[0:31:20] So you see these are two different sections of the brain of the same person, the frontal lobe and the other lobe and what is important is, next slide please, the virus nucleocapsid which is the other – next slide. OK, never mind. Now, around these vessels, they found these are brain cells, dying brain cells. That’s number one. They are dying. Imagine that your brain cells in different parts of the brain are dying. You are losing something forever, something that was given to you and that can never be returned to you.

[0:32:13] I do not know many of you have noticed that people suffering after the vaccine, vaccine complications are altered in their mind. They are not the same person anymore. We know many. Look at this. Next slide. Oh, no, I’m coming to an end but listen. Greeks, you with your athletes, Olympia. You know, one other organ that is affected similarly, what is that organ? The heart. So, the same findings were made in the same patient. So, he had multifocal encephalitis [Inaudible] and at the same time, myocarditis. Now this does not exist in the medical literature. You never have multifocal encephalitis and myocarditis. Only after vaccination and in the heart, we see the same thing. It’s the small vessels of the heart that are spiked and that are killed, and in the heart you see the same thing that happens in the brain, next slide.

[0:33:39] Next, slide. Now this was a patient who died of heart attack but he did not have a coronary thrombosis that killed him. He had a mild carditis and in the heart, it was found he had three injections like this stuff. You see, the yellow part, those are scars. These are all the lesions that came from the first and second vaccination and in the in-between is heart muscle. You want to save this? So now that the pathologists have looked at more than 50 autopsies, they find that alterations in the brain and the heart together are found in more than 70 percent of the dead and this is something so horrifying, so horrifying. I wanted to tell you this today.

[0:34:42] They are being destroyed in the mind and the heart and now, listen very closely. Into the next slide. Next slide. These are the vessels. This is where the tragedy is going – has already started, the tragedy in the world. The WHO declared four weeks ago that they are going to implement mRNA vaccines for everything, all the vaccinations, for children, adults and aged patients. If they are doing this to our children, to your children, it’s the end of mankind.


[0:35:33] Yes, yes, last slide. The last slide. So this is the summary from my wife and myself. Every mRNA vaccine is in fact a danger and must be stopped and this is the message that we want to leave here in Athens with you to spread …


[0:36:08] You spread, you spread. Two, our colleagues who do not believe this and my plea, I plea, I beg of my colleagues here in Greece and around the world to take this seriously because we’re dealing with a matter of life and death as doctors and we cannot simply turn around like people in the Ministry of Health and say keep on vaccinating. At least you have to start re-educating yourself to find out whether there’s any element of truth in this. If there is an element of truth here, these vaccines must be stopped by the oath of Hippocrates.


[People chanting]

[0:37:46] Dear, dear friends, I will say goodbye to you. But one word before that. You Greeks have entered the books of history because you achieved things that have never been achieved before. Who did this? These were the great Greeks, individual personalities. Socrates, Aristotle, Archimedes, Socrates [Indiscernible]. We do not have these personalities anymore in Greece. You have [Indiscernible]. Let me say one thing. You Greeks do have one great medical personality, John Ioannidis, who …


[0:38:51] I see him and experience him, so this is the Greek spirit that makes Greece great. But apart from John Ioannidis, I’m afraid to say – I would like to tell you that there’s another great hope for Greece and that is you because – no, you don’t know why.

[0:39:23] The great personalities, individuals, brought Greece into the history books. You can do something that has never been done before. That is that the Greek people can reunite themselves, show the world how a divided nation can reunite because of their own greatness. What I’m telling you is this. You have two parts. The followers and you. I call upon you and both sides to stop fighting, stop quarreling but to come together and show the world how the people themselves can unite a nation despite all these terrible people who are trying to divide you and show the world that you have regained your freedom and humanity.

[0:40:36] How do you do that? Those of you who had escaped because they were vaccinated, because they said yes, should know that thousands of their former friends, colleagues, loved ones, are now poor, starving, desperate. They need your support. If each of those Greeks who are still in the position to do so would donate 30 euros to the others, the others would be saved. The government will not do anything. Let the other Greeks do it and those of you who are here will repay them for their humanity, by treating them free in the spirit of Hippocrates.


[0:42:04] When you will enter the books of history again.


[People chanting]

[0:42:22] Dr. Reiner Fullmich: We are here because we believe in humanity and we believe in you. This is where it all started. We will win. [Language]


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