Dr. Theresa Long medical officer of the US military “I have so many soldiers being destroyed by this COVID mRNA technology vaccine. Not a single member of my senior command has discussed my

by Paul Alexander

concerns"; I have nothing to gain & all to lose talking about it...I am watching people get absolutely destroyed.”; deaths of military members from the vaccines exceeds deaths from COVID virus

The doctor said she is constantly contacted by people who have been injured by the mRNA technology genetic COVID vaccines, and that many of those injured are pilots, who are expected to meet high fitness standards. ‘Long told Staver that in just one afternoon she heard from four pilots who had just gotten MRIs back showing that they had myocarditis.’


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US Military Doctor Testifies She Was Ordered by govn administration to 'Cover Up' Vaccine Injuries
Dr. Long also testified that the data shows that deaths of military members from the vaccines exceed deaths from COVID itself. Dr. Theresa Long US military ‘Dr. Theresa Long, a medical officer with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the Biden regime’s mand…
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