Dr. Theresa Long spoke with me when we went to the US Senate last (to see Senator Johnson), Dr. Long is a physician within the US military & she told me how concerned she is/was about the COVID mRNA

by Paul Alexander

technology gene injection, she advised that military pilots were struggling post shot & she was predicting devastating consequences to accrue in the short, medium, long-term; she is a patriot!

I had the fortune of meeting Dr. Long in DC for our meeting in the Senate. I so admire Dr. Long and trust what she said and has said! Her service to nation. She is brave and a whistle blower! She is wicked smart! She is trying to save the military and save the lives of US military pilots.

I have stated openly and wrote that we were never to mandate the COVID shots for our police and military! We weakened them with the shot. They were unsafe and would hurt our very best! We have potentially weakened them and their operational capacity! We have weakened nations such as the US and Canada etc. Our soldiers and police are in trouble, our military pilots.