Dr. Theresa Tam: Canada needs to adopt a 'more sustainable' approach to COVID-19, Tam says; that is code for "we as Canada COVID Task Force have failed and are inept incompetent idiots"

by Paul Alexander

That's what this means, this yahoo story tells you what I & others have said over 15 months now, but Tam & her sidekick Howard Njoo, the other part of the inept duo, have failed and know the gig is up

This Tam is likely one of the most inept, corrupted, incompetent so called experts globally, on COVID, what a dimwit, each and everything she has done re COVID has contradicted the data and science and they have blocked Canadians from reading the proper science so they do not know, and now coming to know due to this Truck convoy, and Tam now is running to the table for she sees what the Nordic nations have done by dropping the unscientific mandates, she knows Canadians have awoken to the filth that this was only about power and abuse for as long as they, she and the likes of her, could get away with it; she knows and they are scared; Canadians now understand we have corrupted idiots running public health at federal, provincial, and city levels, all, inept incompetent academically sloppy people getting highly paid off tax payer money and who know nothing, they are actually dangerous for all they did have costed lives and they are still pushing these failed unsafe vaccines…question is Theresa, where is the PPE money? who got what? for you are saying hospitals are getting over run…so who stole the PPE money? you asked for 2 weeks and we gave you 22 months. Who is getting what from pharma to shill for these dangerous vaccines? thats the question. And where were you this last 20 months??? Each line you write we stated 15 months ago.

Read what this idiot is now saying, and ask yourself if we did not say these things near one year now…

“Canada's top doctor said today the country needs to find a more "sustainable" way to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and future variants of the virus.

Speaking to reporters at the weekly public health briefing, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said all existing public health policies, including provincial vaccine passports, need to be "re-examined" in the coming weeks — because it's clear now that Canada and the rest of the world will be grappling with this virus for months or years to come.

"What we need to do going forward, as we emerge out of this Omicron wave, is recognize this virus is not going to disappear. We need to be able to address the ongoing presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a more sustainable way," Tam said.

"Further waves will occur. Some will be quite severe and disruptive and we need to be ready for them. But we do need to have longer-term, sustained approaches and capacity-building so we're not in a crisis mode all the time as we fight this virus."

Tam said the Public Health Agency of Canada is talking to its provincial and territorial counterparts to chart a path forward for a country exhausted after two years of enduring some of the most restrictive measures in the developed world.

Together, she said, these agencies will review the current "suite of measures," including severe border restrictions and travel limitations.

"I think the whole concept is, we do need to get back to some normalcy," Tam said.

She said Canada's efforts should be focused on preventing severe cases of COVID through vaccinations rather than stopping all new infections of a highly transmissible virus.

Tam said it's now clear that the primary series of a COVID-19 vaccine — the first two shots of an mRNA vaccine or a viral vector product like the AstraZeneca vaccine — do not protect against an Omicron infection.”