Dr. Theresa Tam & Dr. Howard Njoo of Health Canada & Public Health Agency of Canada; these two plus other agency officials, they will approve COVID injections for your healthy kids & harm our kids!

by Paul Alexander

There WILL be healthy Canadian kids who will be harmed & die from these COVID shots that are not needed for low risk kids, & are harmful; find them, sue them, clean them out of every penny$

So called smart people, who we think are smart or at least know what they are doing, are doing us a whole lot of wrong.

Get a lawyer to find Njoo and Tam and all who approve of the shots and make policy mandating or forcing etc., serve them legal papers, take them into a courtroom, as a good governance society (ies), a proper legal and public inquiry and make it public and get them to publicly defend why your healthy child died for as sure as the sun will shine, there will be healthy children who will die from these injections, as have adults.

I warn and plead, do not give these injections to your children, do not, their innate immune systems will be damaged and it will be catastrophic on them. These officials have made no case as to why your healthy child needs these injections so you say NO! Think carefully please, you are smart enough as parents, smarter then these absurd reckless dangerous public health officials who are following their $CIENCE. Not the real science, their $CIENCE. We need to know who got what for people are getting benefits, must be, to make these dangerous decisions. They cannot be that inept, something stinks to high heavens here. This is not about the data and evidence. Something else. It cannot be for the data is clear, the COVID shots are ineffective and not properly safe.

Financially clean them out in a public inquiry and strip them of every penny, put them in the streets barefoot. All in Canadian public health who push these shots on your kids.

Follow the money always!