Dr. Theresa Tam of PHAC Canada; this COVID health official continues to be out of step with the science & should be fired (& Njoo)! She should ask Trudeau about his 4 shots, Newsom of Cali, & Fauci

by Paul Alexander

Ask them how it worked out with the 4th shot & the symptoms & the failed antiviral Paxlovid; it is time Tam and Njoo in Canada understood it is not the virus, it is the mRNA vaccine causing infection

First, we offer prayers for Dr. Zev Vladimir Zelenko this morning as he makes his way to heaven where he belongs!

Let me praise and thank our police in Canada, all levels, our military, our veterans, our nurses, all our peoples who made sacrifices throughout the last 2.5 years. So many harmed with adverse effects and died. So many laid off and denied to earn a living. Shameful and barbarous what the governments did and today we know every single COVID policy failed! All. And the COVID injections are ineffective and harmful.

You as parents must stop them at your gates. Not your children! Under no condition. No healthy Canadian child needs these fraud injections. Tell Theresa Tam let us have an open public discussion, she can bring Njoo and the entire PHAC and Health Canada, come talk to me, publicly, live! Let her explain why healthy children need these COVID fraud shots. I will bring Bridle and Hodkinson and Trozzi.

Let me say Happy Canada Day and to the Great nation of Canada, it’s flag, its anthem, it’s people. I am so very proud.

What Tam and Njoo and idiots like them in Canadian public health including that Juni moron on the Provincial Science table and the clueless Moore and his predecessor Williams. The entire College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario must be disbanded and those people investigated. A bunch of corrupted, inept, incompetent, dangerous and reckless people what they did to good doctors. Total stupid idiots and they costs many lives how they tied the hands of doctors in early treatment, many Canadians died.

It is time they talked to Bridle, it is time they talked to Vanden Bossche, it is time they spoke to Yeadon, it is time they spoke to Trozzi, to Dube, to Hodkinson, it is time they spoke to McCullough, to Risch, it is time they spoke to Richard Schabas (former CMOH), the smartest person in Canada I have ever met and it is way past time they spoke to me. They have no clue what they are doing (alike the CDC and NIH and those corrupted public health officials with the Pfizer’s CEO Bourla and his $CIENCE. and misguiding the PM who has no clue and depends on them to provide guidance in this.

I ask Tam to explain to people why Canadians must get a 3rd and 4th shot when Trudeau, Gavin Newsom of California, and Fauci, these 3 well known people, got all four, taking antivirals as they know the shots do not work…so why tell Canadians to do something that is harming them?

Let me raise a few of the serious glaring issues in this by Tam for you and I am angry for she will cost Canadians their lives with his garbage:


Fearing another wave of COVID-19, feds urge people to get a booster dose

Her/media statements in bold, mine in italics.

‘Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos and Canada's top doctor said Thursday that it's imperative everyone eligible for a booster dose gets their third shot now before the new, more infectious Omicron variants take hold in the coming weeks.

Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public health officer, said while COVID-19 case counts are currently stable, officials are bracing for a resurgence in late summer and early fall as immune-evasive variants like BA.4 and BA.5 become widespread and the country enters the respiratory virus season.’

Paul Alexander: Tam has no clue what she is saying. It is clear she just thinks that the virus is the problem and it is properties intrinsic to the virus only that is causing the problem. She has no idea that it is the complex interplay between the virus and the host immune system response. It is the host immune response (the vaccinated population) that is central to this situation today. And it is the injection that has caused this. That it is the non-neutralizing antibodies induced by the injection today that is pressuring the spike yet not neutralizing it, forcing selection pressure to select the most infection hardiest variants (that could overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure) to dominate and become enriched in the environment. To become dominant. She is clueless. She is inept in this. She is not reading the published work showing that the injection is causing the virus to become more infectious to the vaccinee. It is the injection that has to be stopped or then the infectious pressure in the environment must be reduced urgently. Via the use of antiviral chemoprophylaxis. Either the injection must be stopped or the infectious pressure must be reduced, one of the two. Else this pandemic will continue forever, for 100 years, and I think she knows this.

The global data is clear that it is the injection that is causing the vaccinated to become infected, get ill and some die. The science shows that the injection is causing damage to existing natural innate and acquired-adaptive immunity. She is asking you to do something that will hurt you. She is not telling you that the content of the injection is the initial legacy Wuhan spike, not the existing Omicron spike. The injection cannot see the omicron spike, this is why there is immune escape and vaccinated people get infected. The existing injection cannot work. What happened with Trudeau? Are you saying that despite the PM having 4 shots and masked etc., and then getting infected, that the shots work? We have told these idiots that the non-neutralizing antibodies induced by the injection can still bind to the spike antigen, but does not sterilize it, does not neutralize and eliminate the virus. It however does something very troubling which is drive antibody dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) whereby the antibodies enhance and facilitate infection with the virus in the vaccinated person.

We have warned and I warn again, that it is the COVID injection that is driving the variants and causing infection in vaccinated persons. It is causing ADEI and is damaging healthy immune systems. It is causing clots, bleeding, a range of illnesses and even death in some. Not these injections. No more. They were never safety tested properly and we are reaping the rewards of that now. PHAC and Health Canada did not do their regulatory work here, they just accepted FDA EUA injections. This is insane! They placed Canadians at risk and Trudeau must fire them for misguiding him!

‘Tam said the best defence against this expected wave is getting up to date with COVID-19 shots.’

Paul Alexander: This is utter bull shit and she knows better, she knows the injection is failed on omicron. These injections do not work. She knows. She works for Trudeau. If she is debated with folk like me, she can never ever defend that. She knows that if the public does that, then you will never ever get out of boosters and importantly, having to take them every week for the vaccinal antibodies wane after a few days now and provide no protection. But you are damaging your potent natural immune systems. Especially will damage and threaten the lives of children if we inject them with this dangerous gene platform, and damage their potent innate immune system. Someone should quickly bring these idiots Njoo and Tam up to steam on this one of many research papers showing natural immunity performs way better than these fraud injections, 2nd and 3rd shot and we know from Trudeau that the 4th is garbage:


Altarawneh et al.

Key statement:

“This finding is also explained by the short-lived protection of primary-series vaccination against omicron infections.”

Effects of Previous Infection and Vaccination on Symptomatic Omicron Infections

Key Figure 3 (Pfizer (A) and Moderna (B)):

Figure 3 A Pfizer

Prior infection, protection ranges from 65.7% (4-6 months) to 54.9 >12 months out.

2 dose: protection ranges from 40.7% 14 days to 3 months to -3.4 at > 6 months (falls below 0)

3)3 doses: protection ranges from 58.9 to 44.7

Figure 3 B (Moderna)

Prior infection, protection ranges from 75.7% (4-6 months) to 53.5 >12 months out.

2 dose: protection ranges from 41.5% 14 days to 3 months to -10.3 at > 6 months (falls below 0)

3)3 doses: protection ranges from 57.2 to 41.2

6 months post shot for either mRNA vaccine there is negative effectiveness. We see that the booster for both vaccines, raise the protection above 50% yet at >1 month it falls to 44.7 and 41.2 respectively for Pfizer and Moderna. We see on the other hand, that natural exposure immunity is continuous and stays above 50% even at 12 months onwards.

Authors wrote:

“The analysis of the effectiveness of previous infection, two-dose vaccination, and three-dose vaccination as a function of time since the immunologic event (previous infection or vaccination) showed rapidly waning vaccine protection after the second and third doses but slowly waning protection from previous infection (Figure 3).”

Figure 4 (Moderna):

Authors wrote stunningly:

“The protection conferred by hybrid immunity of previous infection and two-dose vaccination was similar to that of previous infection alone, at approximately 50%, which suggests that this protection originated from the previous infection and not from vaccination. This finding is also explained by the short-lived protection of primary-series vaccination against omicron infections.”

“The primary series of shots — the first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine — don't offer enough protection and a third dose is needed for all adults and for certain high-risk adolescents, she said.”

Paul Alexander: Bull shit, show us the science to show that all adults need this. She has no science, nothing, to show this, but we know of people around us who get infected, get harmed, and even die of this injection. Talk to your doctor and assess your risk.

“Government data suggests the first two shots offer little protection against an Omicron infection — "There's almost no protection," Tam said earlier this month — and data from other countries similarly suggest the primary series offers negligible levels of protection against transmission.”

Paul Alexander: It is staggering this inept official actually said this. We told this person and Njoo and all in Canada and globally, all public health people, even before the injections were rolled out, that they would not work and would be dangerous. I wrote many papers, I published an op-ed of scientific papers raising questions a year now, many times spoke out that the injections failed on Delta, failed on Omicron, and are garbage, never ever worked. That the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are the same as to viral load and transmission potential etc. This official Tam did not listen. To me and others. She knew it was never working and was failed yet mandated Canadians to get one shot, then two shots and to write now that it give ‘almost no protection’ is stunning. And she wants you to trust her? She should be fired and all her salary taken away for she then forced Canadians to get a shot they did not need, that the science was there that it was ineffective, and worked with the PM to lock people (employees) out of the workplace who did not want to take something that did not work. Many took these shots because they had no choice and many were harmed and died due to them. Who is accountable?

‘The first two doses do offset the possibility of severe outcomes like hospitalization and death but that protection wanes substantially over time, necessitating a third dose to jump start the immune response, Tam said.’

Paul Alexander: Tam is lying brazenly here, and she knows it. She can give you no evidence that these shots reduce severe outcomes. None. She knows the vaccine manufacturer and even FDA said these injections were designed never ever to reduce death, hospitalization, ICU, severe or moderate COVID. Just designed to reduce ‘mild COVID symptoms’. She knows it. She is lying to you. She knows that all this does is boost the vaccinal antibodies that then quickly wane and you are now needing a booster each few days. But the vaccinal antibodies does nothing for you but reduces mild COVID. It is likely you had COVID and recovered. It is all a lie. She knows that it is your cellular immunity (memory T and B cells) that is the critical aspect of your response. Not antibodies. Not these for she knows that these antibodies are based on the Wuhan strain, and so can never ever work for Delta or Omicron. Did not and you see that now. She is telling you to take something that cannot work. Do you understand that? The Wuhan strain is long gone, it is Omicron that dominates, BA 4 and 5. Whatever is needed for these sub-variants/clades, it is not these injections. Run from them! They actually harm you by subverting your immune system and long-term. Will damage your children.