Dr. Thomas Sowell, that giant, is invoked by John Leake (crime investigator and partner to Dr. Peter McCullough) as he discusses Sowell's 'CONSTRAINED' versus UNCOSNTRAINED' to describe behavior; IMO

by Paul Alexander

what Leake does here & what Sowell did was describe key difference between a CONSERVATIVE & DEMOCRAT; the former believes we MUST work to solve our problems, the latter wants tax $ programs to fix it

One asks that you dig inside you, accept the flaws in life and imperfections, that we are not all equal, that man is flawed with imperfections, and that we try and keep trying to improve lots, that yes, there must not be impediments, but there be opportunities etc. and you get in life what you put in; the latter thinks that all of life’s problems can ONLY be solved by a program, a government program with your tax money, ONLY that way can problems and life’s challenges be solved. Nothing from the individual. Everyone is to blame for the problems, and this is the core thinking of the left and democrats. ‘It is your fault’ I am in this situation. There is no personal responsibility and the quest is to get your money to fix their problems.

Leake in a brief essay, weaves beautiful magic. Again.


This is my opinion and I thank John for poking my thoughts on this.

When Sowell leaves this world, the world will shrink. He is that much of a giant.


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