Dr. William Douglass: 'Hematologic adverse events (AEs) listed in Pfizer's own AEs document (extracted and organized by system)'; a devastating list of the damages done by Pfizer & Moderna death shots

by Paul Alexander

Hematology and Hemostasis (clotting): 

1. Agranulocytosis, B-cell aplasia 

2. Anemias: aplastic, cold-type hemolytic, Coombs hemolytic, cryoglobulin, Pernicious, 

3. Decreases in other blood cells (the ‘-penias’; see ‘cytopenia’, ‘leukopenia’, and ‘pancytopenia’): basophils; eosinophils; granulocytes (adult and neonatal); lymphocytes (adult and neonatal); monocytes; neutrophils (febrile, adult, neonatal); thrombocytes (platelets), immune thrombocytopenia; transfusion-related alloimmune neutropenia 

4. Cryofibrinogenaemia 

5. Disseminated intravascular coagulation, adult and newborn 

6. Evans syndrome - otherwise rare; immune system produces antibodies that mistakenly destroy red blood cells, platelets, and sometimes the white blood cell known as neutrophils. 

7. Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (histiocytosis is an otherwise rare group of diseases characterized by excess histiocytes). 

8. HypoxiaIdiopathic CD4: Otherwise rare CD4+ lymphocytopenia. Sometimes characterized as "HIV-negative AIDS". 

9. Infantile genetic agranulocytosis 

10.Intrinsic factor: antibody abnormal and IPEX syndrome (otherwise extremely rare genetic disease of immune dysregulation that causes eczema, diabetes, and diarrhea). 

11. Type III immune complex-mediated reaction