Dr. Zev Vladimir Zelenko update, he is my friend, it is not good, we keep praying you all, pray, pray that he be comforted and taken in and received with open arms; none deserves this love

by Paul Alexander

and compassion and gracious mercy, for what he has done for humanity! I am a believer, if we have faith, miracles do happen! We believe!

Dr. Zelenko update:

He coded out of nowhere after being completely stable earlier and the doctors on his team were able to resuscitate him.  

The good news is that he is technically stabilizing from this.

The bad news is that he now has ARDS from this and he only had one working lung to begin with.  The doctors do not feel that there is anything medically that can help him at this point.  They are staying with him but said it would take a complete miracle to save him this point.