Dr. Zev Vladimir Zelenko's statement by Dr. Paul Elias Alexander on his death, in praise and recognition of a true hero, angel, and patriot; he had a place in the world to save lives and he did it!

by Paul Alexander

The media will pretend he did not exist or his true deeds. I and others must tell the world who he was! Here is the link to his funeral today if you wish to attend by zoom live: us06web.zoom.us/j/869

His funeral is today at 2.15 pm, Star if David Memorial Gardens, 7701 Bailey Road, North Lauderdale Florida. 33068

Here is the link to his funeral today if you wish to attend by zoom live:


Let me begin:

I was in Ottawa on June 30, 2022 concluding the Canada March with Veteran James Topp at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa. Veteran Topp had just marched across Canada in protest of the mandates and I joined him at points. As we made our way to the Tomb where James partook in a ceremony with other veterans and soldiers, people were asking us to sign flags etc.. As I put pen to the maple leaf, a family member (they said of Zev) gave me the sad news of the passing of Dr. Zev Zelenko. I froze at the shock. After reporting in my substack just the day prior that Dr. Zelenko was doing better, I was startled by this sad tragedy. It seemed fitting that I heard of Dr. Zelenko's in the environment that I was. The tomb honors the thousands who died and will die for their country. Like these brave patriots, Dr. Zelenko lived his life with bravery and courage. He cut and went against the grain to save so many lives. Thousands are alive today due to Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko. 

I remember the first time I spoke with Dr. Zelenko, I had called him and conveyed to him that someone was in need of COVID treatment and were very sick, were recently symptomatic and that their doctor would not treat them. They reached out to me to say they think they would not live as were deteriorating fast. It was then I realized how angry and disappointed Dr. Zelenko was with the medical doctors who were choosing to not do the right thing, namely treating their COVID patients to recovery. He said there were so few brave doctors in the US, in Canada, in many nations and he was devastated. He wanted be a part of that group of health professionals e.g. Risch, McCullough, Ladapo, Urso etc. who were defying the mainstream sanctions and helping to save lives. He told me how much he had lost and how many death threats he got daily too. He helped many people that I personally had referred to him. Many, including doctors. He was a great human being with the will and drive to be virtuous. His development of the early treatment protocol was ground breaking and I had the pleasure of being part of this. If only more physicians and public health officials would have embraced it, more lives could have saved due to COVID. 

Dr. Zelenko was determined and fearless. Where others would have turned their back on the Hippocratic oath, Dr. Zelenko could have done the same but instead chose to show great fortitude and passion to help those in need. He often did this with no financial gain, reaching into his own pocket to help, showing his benevolence. He did this not for glory, praise or recognition but merely out of the kindness of his heart. You did not know so I am telling you. Many times, I would call him and write him and tell him of someone whose doctor refused to treat and they were desperate and wanted early treatment. At first he would go through me but then he got comfortable and he would just ask me to give him their telephone numbers and address. I grew to know (as many were all over the world and even clinicians who did not want it be known they were reaching out to me for early treatment drug algorithms as we had published lots, for their patients or to connect with a clinician) that Zev was packaging the treatments up and shipping to the people I linked him to, with his money. He gave it to them and became their doctor. He took no money from them. I was shocked and it happened over and over, some were people I knew and they told me. And they all, he may have treated 80 -90 folk I referred to him, and today, I can say all lived! All recovered!

There is a special place in heaven for the great Dr. Zelenko. They are welcoming him home with open arms. To you Zev, my dear friend and colleague, may you rest in peace. It was an honor for me that our paths in life crossed. I had this fortune and even for a moment. A brief touch. Sometimes people say better they be spared the pain in loss. I have realized that the pain is worth it for the brief dance we had with him. That dance, that beautiful dance. It it good we do not know the way life would go and end, for we would chose to not have the pain of meeting. But then we would miss the dance. God bless you Zev!

Dr. Zelenko made this short video:


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