'Dramatic spike in monkeypox cases leads to CDC launching new emergency center with US infections now at 306'; do everything but tell the Gay & bisexual community to abstain from contact for few weeks

by Paul Alexander

can't tell the Gay community that, no no no, you will offend them, you CDC and WHO and your political correctness woke bullshit threatening their safety and that of the low risk general population

I think CDC and WHO and NIH are deliberately driving the spread and expansion out of the Gay community into the low risk heterosexual community. I think 100%. It is either these people in CDC are the most inept egg heads ever or malfeasant. You chose.

Why can’t they just tell the Gay high risk community to have no sex or physical or intimate contact, skin to skin for a few weeks? a global message….why? Low risk populations and children, and I might add millions already immune compromised by COVID shots, are subject to risk because of political crap from CDC? This is insane!