Drs. Drew Weissman, Robert Malone, & Katalin Karikó: so called mRNA technology 'inventors'; when will EPOCH Times (Jan), CHD (children health def), & Highwire (Del) get around to interviewing these 3

by Paul Alexander

'inventors' on mRNA technology, on harms, the deaths from it; they report on the deaths and allude to it & the harms of the COVID gene shots, yet seem unable to ask the big players simple questions

I have the greatest respect for the people at CHD, HIGHWIRE, and EPOCH. We have done good work together. Del is exceptional, a true warrior. Much respect. Jan, a brother from another mother.

But I have to call them out on this failure and I have to tell them openly now, that it is time, it is time that these three so called ‘media’ entities, or at least one of them, ask the inventors of mRNA technology the questions the public wants answered. Make sure that you get on the record, what each one knew (Drs. Drew Weissman, Robert Malone, & Katalin Karikó) and when, as to the harms from the gene injections. The mRNA technology as far as I know and they have stated publicly, is the basis of the COVID gene injections (mRNA by Pfizer and Moderna). I think interviewing these three scientists is long overdue. I ask not the usual puff pieces. No. The questions can be provided if they do a call out to public. The public is waiting. Smart scientists and public are waiting with questions.