Drs. Fauci, Francis Collins, Albert Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna, Walensky of CDC; these peoples know that the non-sterilizing injection is driving variants each 2 months and one may be lethal

by Paul Alexander

They know, we do not need Bill Gates to tell us, he knows, these untermensche know exactly what they are doing, they are IMO deliberate and damaging the world; the vax must be stopped NOW!

As long as we mass vaccinate using a non-sterilizing injection that does not cut the chain of transmission, with ongoing infectious pressure and mounting sub-optimal immune pressure, that does not stop infection, replication, or transmission, then these injections do not stop transmission.

The result will be selection pressure will drive the emergence of highly infectious variants that could be lethal.

These people know what they are doing. They are harming us deliberately. They cannot be that stupid and incompetent.