'Druggings, Deaths and Robberies Put New York’s Gay Community on Edge'; my view, track down these perps and hang them high! such attacks on the gay community or any such group must be met with force

by Paul Alexander

We must deal with those committing these murders with lethal force. Attacks on the gay community are outrageous and must stop and we have to obliterate the perpetrators.

Must be met with lethal force.


Druggings, Deaths and Robberies Put New York’s Gay Community on Edge

‘Julio Ramirez died in the back seat of a taxi in April after he left a popular gay bar in Manhattan with a group of men. They stole his wallet, phone and ID before they abandoned his body in the car with a distressed cabdriver.
One month later, John Umberger was found dead in an Upper East Side townhouse after he and a group of men left another popular gay bar just three blocks from the last place Mr. Ramirez was seen alive. Surveillance footage showed Mr. Umberger sandwiched between the men as they guided him into a car.’