"Early data shows monkeypox disproportionately affecting Black men"; Then CDC & NIH just tell them no ANAL sex or skin to skin for 3 weeks! Georgia, the overwhelming majority of cases are in metro

by Paul Alexander

Atlanta, but cases have been diagnosed in 25 counties outside metro Atlanta. Nearly 99% of the cases are among men, and the majority of the cases are among men who have sex with men, according to DPH.

Maybe this is just in Atlanta? Idiosyncratic?? We have to wait and see the broader data. But it is telling too.

This still remains not a problem for the general population but the CDC, NIH, and Biden administration are working hard at making it become the low risk general population, heterosexual, problem.

Then you have to be firm and tell the black men no sex or skin to skin or any touching for 2-3 weeks if not more to get this under control.

This is partly why CDC and NIH and WHO were playing games and did not do anything, bull shit guidance, and it is because the transmission is mainly in black males. In the US, black people are an after thought for public health. Fauci et al. have no concern for black people, they allowed COVID to devastate blacks. Still do not care, Fauci and Birx. Public health in the US is as racist as it comes, the healthcare system is racist for blacks and poor whites. I see it all the time.

“Monkeypox in Georgia is infecting an overwhelming number of Black people compared to other races — a disproportionate effect not anticipated just a few weeks ago, new data from the Georgia Department of Public Health show.

Data from DPH, available for 74% of the cases, shows this racial breakdown: 82% Black people, 14% white, under 1% Asian; multiracial and “other” accounted for a total of about 3%. The data also noted that 6% of the cases are among Hispanic people.”

““We see that kind of disparity across all health outcomes when it comes to African Americans. Health equity is just not there. It’s because we don’t access services for a myriad of reasons, we’re distrusting of the health community. So, even with the vaccinations, there are people who are undecided,” said Townsend, who is Black.”

“But as with COVID, social determinants of health are going to continue to drive racial disparities with every new emerging public health threat,” he said.”

“The virus is spread primarily through prolonged skin-to-skin contact. Touching items that previously touched the infectious rash or body fluids is one way monkeypox spreads, but DPH said in a statement that that has not been identified as a meaningful or common mode of transmission in this outbreak or for monkeypox in general.”