Early puberty cases in girls have surged during COVID; did lockdowns cause this???? the stress on the children and some research suggests that the keys may reside there...we have to examine this

by Paul Alexander

Reports suggest this is a real issue and should be taken very seriously as to implications; key issue is any additional role by the vaccines in this and this has to be studied


Early puberty cases have surged during covid, doctors say

I am not an endocrinologist etc. and thus we must allow our specialists and experts to help unravel this…

“The cause for the unprecedented rise in early puberty is unknown, but experts suspect it has to do with lifestyle changes related to lockdowns, such as stress, elevated electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, an unhealthy diet, low physical activity, increased obesity, elevated exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the home and poor sleep

Several COVID-19 clinical trials have involved anti-androgen drugs, with many showing positive results in terms of blocking the progression of infection. Some have suggested the influence of androgen on SARS-CoV-2 infection may be why young children have such a low incidence of COVID-19, as they have low androgen levels


SOURCE: Sedentary lifestyle and precocious puberty in girls during the COVID-19 pandemic: an Italian experience

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