Earth to British Columbia (BC), earth calling BC, can you read me? B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix & Dr. Bonnie Henry, can you get your heads out of your *ss & read the science? You two make no sense!

by Paul Alexander

'B.C. to stay the course as U.S. CDC relaxes COVID guidelines: Health minister'; are you BC corrupted narcissistic idiots that out of touch? It is time to set the good people of BC free, it is time!

Do you read me, Bonnie Henry? Do you read me Adrian Dix?

Medical doctors emerged across COVID, as very evil, or very inept and stupid. I think both. And many in BC fit the double bill!

Canada, what can I say? British Columbia (BC) is the only province in Canada that has not dropped the vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, and BC insiders have reached out to me advising that the health system is collapsing fast.  

It is not even a battle of left vs right now, it is actually a battle of good vs evil. I do believe this!

Did you know as many as 16 doctors in Ontario have died now, in the last couple of months, due to the COVID injection? And the news media is covering it up!

The NDP (ruling part of the BC province) health minister, Adrian Dix, as well as seeming corrupt, narcissistic politicians, who, along with Dr. Bonnie Henry, are decimating the healthcare system in BC. I had loads of respect for Bonnie prior to COVID and it is as if she took her brain out and put it in a safety deposit box for keeping. She has failed to exhibit any logical thinking scientifically since the start of COVID. I am stunned!

People who live in BC are some of the best among Canadians, hard working, kind, giving, generous spirits yet are subject to illogical, irrational, absurd, specious, unscientific COVID policies by the head ding dong herself, Dr. Bonnie Henry. Henry is topped in idiocy only by Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Howard Njoo of Public Health Agency of Canada who have been 100% flat wrong on every single thing they have said and every policy they implemented. I would admit, Henry is equaled for moronity by Dr. Peter Jüni of the Ontario Science Table, and another clown, namely Isaac Bogoch. I think Bogosh and Jüni are a special type of incompetence that defies logic! Makes Canada shamed. I am ashamed of these two very inept people masquerading as experts. Given media time when all they say is junk pseudo-science that cannot ever be backed up by any data. None!

I tell you, I have tried but this health official Dr. Henry of BC makes absolutely no sense and since the start of this pandemic, has actually been out of step with the core science. Out of step! She makes Fauci blush in admiration of her nonsense!

Of particular corruption, is the Interior Health Authority (IHA). IHA is centered in Kelowna, BC, and there are so many brainwashed completely absurd unscientific doctors in the Okanagan Valley (interior of BC) that it shocks me. How could they be so out of line with core science when they should know better? How could they fall for the inferiority of natural immunity? Or these fraud COVID injections? Of course the corruption stems from the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons, just like the corrupted, rotten to the core College in Ontario. Every single member of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons should be named publicly, and investigated, medical licenses stripped and if we could, I would jail a few due to their dangerous and reckless garbage and what they did to Ontario doctors who dared to treat their patients (and saved lives) with early treatment and stood against the fraud COVID gene injections.

IMO very dangerous people who have gone after doctors who tried to care for their patients as they were trained to do. Functioning ex cathedra as if there are no checks and balances while those of us looking in can see clearly that they are are flat wrong and completely illogical in their decisions.

These BC doctors failed to use early treatment and many BC residents died as a result. The blood of these people are on their hands! Our parents and grand parents died due to this devastating position by BC doctors en masse! Out of step with the science on early treatment.

They failed in BC as every single COVID lockdown failed, every school closure, every business closure, every mask mandate. Not one played a role in reducing transmission or death and in fact caused devasting effects including deaths to healthy people. Suicides due to the lockdown lunacy. Nothing BC health has done worked, nothing Bonnie Henry did worked, and the vaccine they promoted have all failed, highly ineffective and are killing people. The COVID gene injections are non-neutralizing, do not sterilize the virus and are causing the vaccinated to become infected and even die! This is the data!

Nearly a year now we told these idiots in BC and Ontario and Canada overall, these health officials and the governments such as the Premier of Ontario, the highly inept and reckless and uninformed Dog Ford, we told them that the vaccine does not stop infection, replication, or transmission. And these BC idiots do not seem to know the data, alike their Ontario counterparts! That if a vaccine cannot cut the chain of transmission, then it is a failure and must be stopped. That you will never ever get to natural immunity and population-level herd immunity. These COVID injections are exceedingly dangerous for our low risk (statistical zero risk) children and no BC child, not one, should get these injections as I warn you, many will die! Not ‘may’, but WILL die due to the shots! And your health officials know this! At PHAC and at BC health etc. Always knew this!

They, the BC health nutballs have continuously fed lies and propaganda to all the doctors who are lazy, do not do any homework, just accept anything the inept College hands down, and are academically sloppy and cognitively dissonanced to anything that does not align with their thinking.  Many freedom of information (FOI) requests have been made to the BC provincial government to provide the data to support their COVID policy and decision making for their mandates, but they remain silent and will not reply to the FOI requests, nor provide any data to support their mandates. So we are talking about absolutely very corrupt BC health officials!

This recent Global News piece tells us how stupid, inane, vacuous, inept, illogical, unsound, and nonsensical the BC health officials are and Bonnie Henry should be ashamed. In fact, her medical license should be withdrawn. Does she not know she has suffered the BC populace enough with this lockdown and mandate lunacy?


These BC idiotic health officials (Dix) as reported by Little, say “Our path is our path. The United States has had its own path from the beginning,”…"Dix said changes south of the border won’t have any bearing on B.C.’s own messaging, which is currently focused on getting people to sign up for vaccine booster doses.”

Is Dix an idiot? Does this person not understand that the COVID injection has failed on Delta and firmly on Omicron (clades 4 and 5), does not neutralize the virus, is causing the vaccinated to become infected and even hospitalized and die? Does this idiot not know the UK data, Israel, Scottish, Danish, Australian data? What is it that this health official in BC is looking at that we in the rest of the world are not seeing?

My advice to Dix:

“Dix, the COVID vaccine has failed and is killing people, especially the 3rd and 4th dose (boosters) and it is deranging and subverting the immune system in the vaccinated; it is causing bleeding and clotting as the killer lymphocytes in response to the spike are attacking the vasculature walls (endothelial layer) and tearing at it (causes paradoxical vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT)); it does not work, and continuing this antigen-specific, high-affinity, high-specificity non-neutralizing injection (in the face of mounting sub-optimal vaccinal immune pressure on the target antigen) while vaccinating ‘into’ the pandemic drives natural selection pressure and results in more infectious variants emerging.

The pandemic will last 100 more years if these non-neutralizing vaccines continue. It cannot work as based on the initial legacy Wuhan strain that is long gone near one year now. The vaccinal antibodies cannot hit the omicron spike. It is that simple and the morons in BC health should know this as it is basic immunology and there will be viral immune escape as well as Original antigenic Sin (OAS) operating with antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) as well as antibody-dependent enhancement of disease (ADED). We are seeing this playing out in front of our eyes! People are dropping dead post vaccine! Young healthy people!

The vaccinal antibodies are binding to the spike binding sites (epitopes) but not sterilizing the virus and causing the vaccinated to become infected. This COVID vaccine must be stopped and must never be given to our children whose innate immune system (innate antibodies and cellular natural killer (NK) cells) will be sidelined and children would be placed on a death path e.g. auto-immune reactivity. Dix, I include 4 papers I want you to share with Bonnie and your inept and illogical health officials, starting with you and urge you to read these:”

BC must reverse all of it’s nonsensical failed COVID policies immediately for they did not work across the COVID pandemic the last 2 years and will not work now and the COVID injection (boosters) must be stopped immediately. There is no sound justification for this and mandates do nothing other than penalize healthy people who have stronger immune systems than the vaccinated persons. The data is clear, that this is a pandemic of the vaccinated, and you all re-defined ‘vaccinated’ so that you could place the infections, hospitalizations, ICU, and deaths into the non-vaccinated box e.g. vaccinated means 14 to 15 days post shot. You know you mislead and deceived the public for the moment you got the first shot, you were in effect, ‘vaccinated’.