EBM, evidence-based medicine world, I am calling on you! Earth calling EBM experts, over! Earth calling EBM experts, where are you? Over! Ordinarily you would shred the garbage fraud Pfizer study!

by Paul Alexander

Did pharma buy out EBM? Pfizer vaccine trial 6 months to 4 years presented to FDA (& CDC) to get approval is a scientific FRAUD; Pfizer should be charged with fraud and FDA also charged; where is EBM?

It appears that the EBM world and experts are in hiding, their souls were bought by pharma, we realized this with what they were doing with early treatment, putting out garbage research against early treatment, but pharma bought them out too on vaccines.

This is really a sad day for medical research that IMO, will never recover. EBM is dead, medical research is dead, academic research publishing in dead. They killed themselves, whoring out for money, research grants! Got some bad clap I hear!


4,526 kids 6 months to 4 months were recruited to the Pfizer study

3,000 of the kids did not get to the end of the trial (66%); why did they drop out, we have no proper explanation and this is a fraud; this study should have been shut down

‘severe COVID’ were kids defined as having a slightly raised heart rate etc. 6 kids in the vaccine group had severe COVID and 1 in placebo so then more in the vaccine arm had severe COVID

‘any COVID’, they vaccinated and waited 3 weeks post 1st dose before 2nd dose; 34 in vax got COVID and 13 in the placebo, so an increase; same in the 8 week data (gap between 1st and 2nd dose) where kids in the vaccine arm got much more COVID etc.

97% of the COVID that occurred in the stud was ignored…they eventually compared 3 kids in the vax arm to 7 in placebo

12 kids had COVID twice and 11 were vaccinated (92%), so how could they claim the vaccine worked?

When we know kids have near zero risk of severe outcome from COVID and the vaccine skews to harms. kids under 5 are not at severe risks of harms. No healthy child in US has died of COVID post infection since start of the study.

They assessed safety over 6 weeks…6 weeks…it is insane what they did. Moreover, they unblinded the control group. Again insane.

This data and study is a fraud by Pfizer.