EG.5 or XBB.1.5 COVID sub-variant clade? You do NOTHING, thats right, NOTHING & exactly what we should have done February 2020! 100%, all that was done from lockdown lunacy to masks to failed mRNA/DNA

by Paul Alexander

technology gene based injections was a pure failure, NOTHING worked! All lies! Today fear porn EG.5 & new updated booster, just STOP! Just protect vulnerable, strengthen immune systems, DO NOTHING!

You can never outrun a viral respiratory infection (influenza like illness akin to flu) with vaccine or lockdowns, ever! Never ever and they all knew this. They at CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, Health Canada, PHAC etc. The entire pandemic was a lie and the reponse all the way to vaccine. All lies! All that resulted was massive harms to people needlessly, death of children, and a massive transfer of wealth to the upper middle class and rich. We shifted the burden of infection and illness to those who could least afford it, least afford to lock down, yes, we shifter it to the poor.

Again, as we have done in the past, just properly protect the elderly and vulnerable and do NOTHING else! Nothing! We will kill less people that way.