EG.5 vs FL.1.5.1 COVID subvariant clades? Which horse will win? Eric Feigl-'Ding' is going full 'Dong'; XBB1.5 booster FDA called for will be DOA, obsolete, garbage as we said! Class-switch IMMUNE

by Paul Alexander

tolerance for the spike/virus (IgG4 antibodies) that is surging, original antigenic sin (recalled antibodies to the initial prime/exposure), viral immune escape, selective pressure, a clusterf*ck!!!

Eric was and shows how just bat-sh*t crazy he is…I just chuckle when he TWITTERS, he is deranged and inept and was always WRONG! what this EG.5 clade is showing us and likely losing dominance to FL.1.5.1 clade eventually, especially if infections are surging at this time, is that people like Geert Vanden Bossche who said a more infectious variant and potentially more lethal one would and could emerge, was CORRECT! We sidelined Geert yet he remains their guru. Freedom Movement sidelined Geert, imagine that.

We are seeing viral immune escape due to the natural selection pressure via a sub-optimal mounting population immune response (not getting to full binding affinity) in the midst of circulating virus Iinfectious pressure). The result will be immune escape variant after variant emerging.

Note to you idiotic criminal malfeasant vaccine makers like Pfizer out there and CDC and NIH and FDA as you continue this lie and you deliberately drive the emergence of more infectious variants, is that the virus will always win and will always outsmart and outrun the vaccine. Even if and when vaccinal antibodies matches the virus spike. The vaccine, these mRNA technology gene based platforms just do not work and are deadly.

I wonder if Eric ‘ding-a-ling’ dong is in support of the already ‘going to fail and drive variants’ XBB.1.5 booster’ that is coming? Knowing that EG.5 or FL.1.5.1 clades will be dominant?